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  1. Selling my ‘64. I’m in the SF Bay Area. Hope it goes to a fellow Riv fan... https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/dearing-1964-buick-riviera/7279780375.html
  2. “On my way to San Jose to the stereo shop to make my music play” -Too Short. But y’all knew that. Two is twice as nice. 😎
  3. Awesome. Thanks for the info. Sounds like updating to LEDs is easy now.
  4. hey can you post what exactly you had to add besides the bulbs to get the system to work? Maybe photos of where you wired these things in? Appreciated.
  5. Excellent!! Thanks RivNut, you da man. Those images aren’t in my chassis or body manuals, either. Swede, thank you for the link and great photos of your three point belt install. That will be a great safety system.
  6. Hello everybody, Is there any chance images or Rivnut’s .pdf of the correct dimples for the rear seat belt install could be re-uploaded? I also am being mandated by wifey to install rear seat belts. I’ve pulled out the bottom rear seats and I see dimples. ( First victory ) For the two inboard (for lack of a better term) belts locations, there are two dimples in the floor pan. One directly above the other. I was wondering which is the correct to use - the upper or lower dimple. Later in this post Whitewatersky mentions possible water leakage if the wrong one
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