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  1. My dad bought a loaded, cancelled special-order '59 Lesabre 4-door 'flattop' (4439) that was half of a nearly identical his/hers pair (only the radio options were different between the two cars). I have a strong suspicion the cars were ordered by or for a celebrity couple tied to one of the Buick-sponsored TV shows, as my dad lived only a few miles from Hollywood at the time (late 1959). As the story goes, the cars were ordered but delayed in production until nearly 1960 Introduction. A new order was placed for 1960 models & the twin '59's remained for a while at Southgate BOP assembly
  2. ISO: I am currently in process of a '59 Buick LeSabre 4439 "special order" clone restoration that my family used to have (see pic attached). The car was loaded with most of the options available (save for maybe 4 or 5). I have found and obtained most of the missing options for the car. I'm still on the hunt for the Sonomatic transistor portable mounting bracket/docking station (see pics) to complete the list of options the car was originally ordered with. If anyone has any information that may help in locating this bracket assembly I would be greatly appreciative. It is most common to the
  3. BTW, I plan to cut the front sections of my '59 rails right before the spring support and weld them to the '60 frame as they are the same up to that point and are different as you go forward. See pic for details of cut/joint. rears are easy as you just need to drill the rivets, cut the welds (top & bottom) and swap it out; the rails are the same for both. As for the wider body mounts, it just bolts to a different area on the floor brace (no need to modify anything on the '59 body, just install the bolt/donuts in a different hole on the brace)
  4. Here is a '60 Buick convertible frame I bought to replace the rusted one under my '59 LeSabre flattop. There are slight differences between the 2 years, mostly in the front/rear X-members & front frame rails. The '60 also had a slightly lowered front floor, but I'm not sure that applied to the ragtops as it appears identical in the K area as my '59 hardtop one. Certainly a lot more protection in a side impact than an X-frame. Design could be inherent to the forces caused by the torque tube (Buick specific) as opposed to the open drivelines of the X-frames. Olds used a hybrid of the tw
  5. In case anyone stumbles upon this, this engine is SOLD and in my possession... No longer available.
  6. Looking for an Autronic Eye amplifier to fit a 1959 Buick (see pic). It mounts on the A-pillar behind the kick panel on the driver side. Anyone have any idea where I might find one..? Interchange is as follows: '58-'59 Chev, '58-'59 Pont, '58-'59 Buick, '58 Olds and early '59 Cad. Also still need dash vents & bezels for B59 with A/C. Any help locating any of these components would be greatly appreciated..! 🧐
  7. All the eBay pulleys are either the wrong year or type. '59-'60 has the long-snout water pump (see attached pic). All the water pump pulleys I saw were for short-snouts. I don't know the interchange for the crank pulley or P/S pump...
  8. I don't have a Hollander right now to check interchange -- I know the 2 years are very different, but you never know. I DO know '60 is different, as it has different mounting points -- not sure on '58. I do need a radiator as well. Can any members check interchange..?
  9. ISO/Wanted -- 1959 Buick parts: Just an updated list of parts I am still seeking for my '59 Buick. Any help finding the following items or leads on where I might locate any of this would be greatly appreciated. I have exhausted most of the "go-to" classic car wrecking yards without much luck. Any items marked with ** may also be found on 1960 models (as far as I know)... Lower dash plenum and vent register connectors (A/C only) 1 end A/C register (L or R) Dash end trim panel surrounds for A/C registers (L & R) Autronic Eye (or at least B-59 base mount for
  10. Seeking an Autronic Eye for a '59 Buick. Should be marked "B-59" on the underside, has long, curved bracket (see insert drawing). Unsure if '60 is the same, most likely not. Thanks in advance.
  11. Need '59 Buick A/C parts, especially interior vent registers and ductwork/plenums. Thanks.
  12. Looking for the dash vents and lower plenum (including all connectors & hardware) from a '59 (any model). Also the early upper radiator bracket plate and fan shroud, as well as the underhood refrigeration plumbing. Any help at all appreciated. Thanks. Mark
  13. If there are no takers, I'm looking for a 401 for my '59...
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