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  1. Mine are pretty rusty..............
  2. I had mine restored and it is very dark. Before the restoration it was light. Did it fade? Also the horn button color is this correct? I thought it should have a red stripe. The restoration shop said they got the color from the side of the bezel not exposed to light. I guess that makes sense. It really does look beautiful
  3. I belong to the Oakland club. I have not seen anything in it. I will look again. I did a search and came up with zero
  4. I have two parts cars. One is basically a shell. The other is complete. The complete one is in pretty good shape. They are both 4 doors
  5. Curti that sounds good but the item here is no one reproduces the dang caps for a Pontiac. I doubt mine will rust since the car spends it's life indoors
  6. I found one guy that said he can fill with lead and replate. He recommended leaving them together for this process
  7. So I am b uilding a 1939 Pontiac Woodie. It has the knee shocks. How do I know if they are good? It is not ready to drive. I want to erebuild or eval and replace everything. How do I check a knee shock? Should I buy NOS? they are actually cheaper then a rebuild but are old!
  8. The frame is near mint. The radiator is out. There is no rust but I cannot find the vin!. I was told it is on the front crossmember. I do not see any numbers. I also have a parts car with a missing front clip. I cannot find the VIN on that one either PLEASE HELP
  9. I agree but who jambs after? That is weird...……………………………..
  10. Well ma is within driving distance. That's where my guy is
  11. That is not done correctly. There is still rust on the radiator support! For 50K it should of been on a rotisserie! Where do you live. I can recommend a much better body guy
  12. I give credit where credit is due. I have restored 60s and 70s cars and if I have a dishonest vendor or a poor job I point it out to save anyone any grief. I belong to many forums and tobe honest I would say that is the norm...... I am a moderator on a turbo forum and vendor feedback is important and the norm to say both good and bad things.
  13. NOt real helpful but OK. Nice to know who is a thief and who isn't
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