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  1. I had mine restored and it is very dark. Before the restoration it was light. Did it fade? Also the horn button color is this correct? I thought it should have a red stripe. The restoration shop said they got the color from the side of the bezel not exposed to light. I guess that makes sense. It really does look beautiful
  2. I belong to the Oakland club. I have not seen anything in it. I will look again. I did a search and came up with zero
  3. I have two parts cars. One is basically a shell. The other is complete. The complete one is in pretty good shape. They are both 4 doors
  4. Curti that sounds good but the item here is no one reproduces the dang caps for a Pontiac. I doubt mine will rust since the car spends it's life indoors
  5. I found one guy that said he can fill with lead and replate. He recommended leaving them together for this process
  6. So I am b uilding a 1939 Pontiac Woodie. It has the knee shocks. How do I know if they are good? It is not ready to drive. I want to erebuild or eval and replace everything. How do I check a knee shock? Should I buy NOS? they are actually cheaper then a rebuild but are old!
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