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  1. Hey Steve, I was told about your search through mark. I am confused about you asking for a 32-34, but then asking for a model S which looks to be 1910 Anyways, if you give me your price range, I can help you find something that you are interested in. He forwarded you one I had found already that is a project, but I can find more out there. I bought a fully restored 31 sedan for 6,700. I don’t know what condition you want yours in, other than you want to fix it up yourself. Anyways I will most likely be at Hershey if you can make it. Other than that just let me know more information about what your wanting and I will try my hardest to look around. My email is Have a good day
  2. Hey Ronabi, I have been look for parts for about a year an a half. I have 2 Reo Flying clouds 1930 same model sedan, same in most if not all ways. My father and I bond over restoring them both together as father and son, but I have not been able to find any parts for mine. His is fully restored and I found mine as a barn find. Needing restoration. I have searched far and wide and found your post just this morning. I was wondering if I could buy parts from you to restore my sedan and be able to make sure it survives for another 88 years to come. I hope that I won’t have to look any further and that you have the parts I need or at the very least are able to point me in the direction of NOS that I can use to make and keep it the car it was the day it was made. Thanks for taking the time to read my message and have a good day. Side note: I just noticed your email at the end of your letter. I will send this to your email as well to ensure you receive it.
  3. It looks like it was a generic piece, but it looks like the one that goes to the Reo Flying Cloud that I have.