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  1. The ASC Electra was on eBay about a year ago I believe
  2. D&D fabrication used to have a ton of parts. Aluminumv8.com I had a 61 special with a T10 custom built clutch from them. Almost 300hp stroked and bored 215 had a posi too.
  3. I am a BCA member have been for a few years. This car just came home a week ago
  4. I mean I would restore it if someone wants to fund it
  5. Yes, it's located just 20 minutes south of Omaha Nebraska, it's pretty rare and it is worth saving. I honestly wish it was the nicer of the pair I bought but what can you do. The 74 LeSabre is neat though
  6. I am selling a 1971 Buick LeSabre convertible that needs restored. 350-4bbl. I bought a pair of convertibles and don't have time for this one. It is a project but the frame is good and I did get it to start, haven't had time to get it running. It will need floors of course typical convertible project. It has a clean clear title in my name. $1800
  7. Just introducing myself, my name is Jim. I am a BCA member, former ASE tech and have been around Buicks all my life. I currently have a 38 fastback, 71 LeSabre convertible (for sale), 73 Electra 225, 74 LeSabre Luxus convertible, and a 2008 Lacrosse Super.
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