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  1. Larry Thank you for your reply, I have added the following dimensions to my original post, the small one is about 1 5/16 H X 1 3/4 W, the larger one is 1 3/4 H X 2 3/8 W. It's hard to measure these guys accurately due to their shape, the small one is close in size to the 26-27 Master shell. To add to my confusion I saw a photo of a car on google that had a badge on the headlight bar on a 1930 Roadster (I attached a photo) but it appeared to be a larger one. I have been working on a "History" of different Auto makers and collecting some items that go along with these cars, so far Kaiser, GM and Chrysler are coming along but all require more work living on Long Island NY I needed a "winter" project and choose this, but it will go into at least another one. I would email (privately) you a copy of what I have so far on G.M. so you can see what I am talking about, I just don't want to throw it out for the public who have a tendency to be critical, just yet Thanks again for your reply. Bob
  2. I have a small size buick emblem from pre 30's, I think, this small emblem looks just like the larger one that was used on the front of the car radiator grill or headlight bar, I know it was used on the tail light bracket but am trying to pin down a year range, thanks for any help you can offer, I attached front and rear pictires. The small one measures aprox 1 5/16 H X 1 3/4 W the Larger is Aprox 1 3/4 H X 2 3/8 W I am trying to figure out what year range Buicks they would be on .
  3. For Sale a 1954 Kaiser Manhattan with less than 51,500 original miles. This car has free title, drives, runs and stops well, has original non supercharged flat head 6 cly, 118 HP, 226 CI engine. Automatic Trans. Several small chips in the white paint and a small dent in the trunk, interior is very nice but could use some minor repairs to the headliner and door opening trim. This car is great for someone that wants to tinker and make it even better. Everything works on this car except the items that never seem to work on cars of this age, which are the radio, fuel gauge and clock all could be easily repaired. This was the last American Year for this automobile with less than 4,000 total made in the 4 door version and at 3,375 lbs is a huge car, this is a head turner at car shows and on the street. A great cruizer it has a newly rebuilt transmission (less that 100 miles ago), new radial tires, new brake shoes on all 4 wheels. Sale is forced due to health reasons, thanks for looking. Asking price is 11,900, contact me thru reply here or 516 455 9788 between 10AM and 6 PM ask for Bob, Car located Long Island NY
  4. For sale is a 1959 Morris Minor Series 3 model 1000, 2 door Saloon - This is a car rarely seen in the USA and hardly ever at car shows on Long Island. It was destined to be a daily driver but could easily be improved upon and turned into a show car as most of the hard work has been completed already. Unfortunately due to health problems the car must be sold, it runs and drives very well and research says it gets 40 MPG. All of the hard work has been done on this car and with better paint it could easily become a car that could be shown at local meets, this car definitely gets lots of attention Here is a list of work done and parts replaced, the majority of the parts are replacement spares imported from England (where there are 100,000 of these vehicles - of various years - still on the road and used daily). All new parts have less than 25 miles on them. New battery.New crankcase breather and air cleaner.Complete Brake system, including 6 new wheel cylinders, all but 1 new brakes lines, new brake shoes, new Master Cylinder, 1 new brake drum, new brake line hoses and shoe retaining springs.New wider than stock tires.Used but very good spare and rim. New Stainless Steel Hub caps.New Fan belts and hoses, including by pass hose, new thermostat.New gas lines from electric fuel pump to carburetor and gas filter installed. Carburetor choke assembly rebuilt. New trim (chrome) on headlights, speedometer.New windshield wiper blades and arms, 1 new wheel box for wipers. New windshield and chrome look trim.All weather stripping replaced - boot, doors, all windows, new pads under headlight buckets and taillight bases, new taillight lenses.Halogen headlights installed.AM/FM/ cassette radio with antenna and 2 Pioneer Stereo speakers installed.Amp - Temp - Volt gages added.Major areas under car that needed reinforcement was boxed or plated with 14 gauge steel welded into place then rust proofed.New interior floor panels (4) front and back fabricated from 14 Ga. cold rolled steel , welded into place from the inside, rust proofed Lots more that won't fit here - asking 9,500 - located LI NY reply here or 516 455 9788 between 10AM and 6PM ask for Bob
  5. OK now I have pictures of this little guy !! As you can see there are no marking on the back, there are 2 "lumps" on the back one of which looks like the base of a pin, I hope these help with the ID, thanks for your help, all.
  6. Thanks for the replies , I will post more complete pictures soon
  7. Money Pit, That's a great looking collection, I will post more pictures of what I have , including front and back of it
  8. Hi, I am collecting radiator badges, and have one from a Maxwell (1923-1925) I have just purchased a miniature (1" x 7/8") of this badge, does anyone know if Lapel or Hat pins were made for this company during that era? Thanks, I will try to add a photo on here, Bob