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  1. Robert your sign collection looks awesome and love those cars. It appears you have them roped off - do you drive them much or more for admiration?
  2. Wow Joe - An amazing sign for $20 even in 2020 dollars I also do the same anywhere we go, try to poke my head into the thrift or antique shops, never know what you will find and the owners are always interesting to talk to
  3. This one just sold at mecum auctions for $2500 and was in great shape. https://www.mecum.com/lots/LN1019-390275/1920s-dodge-brothers-approved-service-station-porcelain-sign/ There are a million fakes out there and personally wouldn’t buy anything on the internet that was over $1000. Even experts can be fooled by these fakes. A lot coming from India that are porcelain and they rust Em and bang them up. If you want authentic then you will be north of 2k. If you don’t mind the grunge look the sign for $575 isn’t that bad shockingly. I love the real stuff.
  4. Mike. That is a sweet ride you have and the one 39B found is the one. He did a few modifications to the exterior but well done and dig the two tone paint job. I picked a bad time of the year to start looking as it is snowing and 30 here in CLE it will get out to see it once a break in weather
  5. Thanks all, as I am knew to this just wanted to make sure that not all are purists on this site. The feedback thus far is super helpful and Do not have any buddies close by who are in to it. A lifetime to learn with this stuff which is what excites me about it 1939 Buick nailed it and this is the car. I absolutely love the look but haven’t seen in person yet. https://www.carsforsale.com/vehicle/details/57305904 The guy tired to keep it pure but had a cracked engine so changed directions a bit. A few answers to Mike in Colorado :
  6. Thanks Terry, that’s is a sharp looking car! Appreciate the feedback from all. Part of the fun of a new hobby is figuring out what you want and relying on others that have been there for advice / feedback. I would say that I am in the camp of appreciating the style, engineering etc of the earlier cars but not a purist that all has to be original. I love to see anyone saving something from a junk yard( even though I do love them) and keeping it alive for others to appreciate and use. With th that being said - if this club is only for purist, I will happily retire from the
  7. As my 48 Ford seller has stalled out , another beauty has entered the picture and would appreciate any feedback. Although it is not original engine and the flat head In it had a crack - it may be a better fit for a newbie to the classic car world. We did test drive a 48 Plymouth last week and loved the ride but appeared to be prepped for a fast sale and didn’t feel good about the overall quality of the ride. Again, I am not so much interested in winning trophies, just love the looks of these old cars and want to have a part in preserving one for future generations. Here are some specifi
  8. Matt - appreciate the referral for JDL logistics. They got back to me right away and seem reasonable. For all to know they can pick up your car when needed and deliver when needed. Any season and do closed or open delivery. Happy New Year all
  9. Cool ad a Terry. I love old advertising and picked this up in Columbus last year You have to love the simplicity of an old Scout
  10. Thanks for sharing the pics - as fine as the art museum
  11. Excellent a good bit of knowledge shared on a Saturday so thank you all. My goal is to make the purchase in the next 30 days so I will keep you all posted and look forward to participating in this forum. The car I am aiming for has the flathead and seems the way to go any suggestions for a good hauling service as I will need to have this transported from the Carolinas to Ohio
  12. Thanks for the input Terry. I would say I am a newbie to this site and to classic cars. I have always appreciated and attended car shows when I would see them and dreamed of owning one some day. I just turned 50 and have the bug. We have alway collected old things and repurposed. From furniture , to clothing and to old porcelain signs. We would mainly use this to cruise around and maybe do some car shows. We drove a very nice Plymouth 48 this week. Had a 307 and several mods but still looked original. The one I am looking at in SC has been restored recently with engine rebuild.
  13. I have had a few older cars but this will be the first in the late 40,s. Let me preface this buy stating I know how to use a wrench but would be mid entry level at best when it comes to working on a car. I am torn between buying a 48 coupe with matching engine vs one with 307 or 327. Would be interested in any opinions ?
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