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  1. Ok, I've been picking away at some small things and it has come to my attention that my brake lights weren't working on the driver's side. The running lights were fine, but they didn't brighten when I depressed the pedal on one side. So, I reached up between the frame and the bumper and got the sockets pulled down. There is NO room to maneuver in there. Luckily, I've got a skinny wrist! The bulbs were stuck on both sockets. Once I got them out, the springs and the contacts on the wires in the sockets were crusty and not well. One of them eventually loosened up and worked with a new bulb. The other one is just shot. I bought a Dorman switch to see if I could just take out the wires and springs and replace them, but they wouldn't budge on my originals. I'm looking for the replacement sockets for the rear. There are 4 of them. They are 2-wire and ground to the body. I don't want cheap plastic, so I'm looking for some NOS ones. Or, some that have working springs on the contact wires. The wires and boots I have are great. So is the bezel that clips into the frame. But the socket is 53 years old and it shows. And it's attached to the bezel. I'm not touching the other side because they still work! I'd like to replace them all for safety's sake, and I'd like originals, if possible. If not, who knows of the best replacements that actually fit?
  2. Hey all! Just joined up to the forum and will take any opportunity to show off my '65 Riv! I had her out today before the thunder storms are going to blow through. She can't possibly be out in the rain, at least not on purpose! I've owned her since 1997, when my uncle gave her to me. He's a big car guy and can fix anything. He put a new cam shaft in. That's all she needed. Two years ago, I had my brother do the engine bits, with new gaskets, a carb rebuild and a shiny new paint job in the engine compartment, with the proper coded paints. He also put in an electronic ignition, so no more making sure I carried emery boards with me in the spring! Some of you may be old enough to know what that's for ;-) He also scored an original washer fluid bottle, as mine was gone! I looked for years and he came up with one. Everyone notices that first at the local cruise nights! I'm the only '65 Riviera at these events and it's sure a thrill to hear the "oohs" and "ahhhs" from the car guys. And the fact that a woman has as much passion about her car as they do about theirs is also fun! I've been told that my license plate is probably worth more than the car (joking of course----she's priceless to me) because it's one of the last ones with the old car on it handed out in CT; they stopped making this style right after I registered her in the 90's. The next project is replacing all the body seals. They're old and cracking due to age...... hmmmmm ;-) Sound familiar! Then some nice new shiny paint and some upholstery work. Perhaps a radio that gets more than AM in the front dash speaker! I love my Buick. Like all of you do yours. Happy trails!