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  1. Ok, I've been picking away at some small things and it has come to my attention that my brake lights weren't working on the driver's side. The running lights were fine, but they didn't brighten when I depressed the pedal on one side. So, I reached up between the frame and the bumper and got the sockets pulled down. There is NO room to maneuver in there. Luckily, I've got a skinny wrist! The bulbs were stuck on both sockets. Once I got them out, the springs and the contacts on the wires in the sockets were crusty and not well. One of them eventually loosened up and worked wit
  2. Hey all! Just joined up to the forum and will take any opportunity to show off my '65 Riv! I had her out today before the thunder storms are going to blow through. She can't possibly be out in the rain, at least not on purpose! I've owned her since 1997, when my uncle gave her to me. He's a big car guy and can fix anything. He put a new cam shaft in. That's all she needed. Two years ago, I had my brother do the engine bits, with new gaskets, a carb rebuild and a shiny new paint job in the engine compartment, with the proper coded paints. He also put in an electronic ignit
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