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  1. Relax telriv...appreciative of the info, however could do without the ATTITUDE. Thanks-
  2. So 1963 had either or? What decided this? I'm currently experiencing some clunking noise coming from rear end and it seems my differential could be the culprit. Any thoughts?
  3. I was able to remove the shaft but how do i remove the switch from the console?
  4. Great day for a stretch down the PCH! Needless to say she was VERY HAPPY - AND SO WAS I!
  5. Thank you All. I am now a proud member of the ROA!
  6. I have a factory AC 63 Riv and just had my heater core replaced. The AC is not currently working. Can someone please guide me on how the switches/levers work? Is the heated air supposed to come through the vents or somewhere else? It works through the defrost above dash when I push the lever in but when I pull it back out and don't feel it comiing from anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Leiani
  7. Thanks Joe, I get that. I guess I should rephrase my question. I would like to know if the following wheel fitment would work on the car. Front: 17×8, Tire 245/55/17 Rear: 18x9.5, Tire 275/55/18
  8. THANK YOU JOE. Im not certain what the other comment was about. My RIV is all original. I am merely curious as to what the possibilities are. I appreciate your response.
  9. Hi there! Im looking to replace my OEM wheels with a new set of custom wheels and would like to know how large I can go without rubbing bot front and back. The wheels will be 5x5 bolt pattern of course. I would like to stagger the wheels. something like 17x8 Front and 18x9.5 Rear / Also considered 18x8 Front and 18x10 Rear. Can anyone help me with what the offset of a standard 63 Riv is and and either of these options would fit without any mods? Thanks so much, PullmeoverRed
  10. Here's my baby in the Mission, San Francisco!
  11. Hi there! I want to attempt to try to resolve my window issue without going to a professional. The problem: I was out the other day and at the end of the night when it was time to drive home I couldn't put my driver side pw. In fact none of windows controlled by the driver side switch (that controls all 4 windows) worked. Individually all other 3 windows work properly. Could you please help me in pointing me in the right direction to determine where the problem is?
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