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  1. I hate to hear about the speedo problem. When I got my 29, the speedo swung wildly. I took out the cable and poured a light 5w oil down it. When this did not fix it, I took the speedo apart and carefully lubed it with some very light oil, gun oil I think. It has worked well ever since.
  2. I am really dubious about this being actual footage shot in 1911. I am skeptical of the high quality and there is no flicker of the hand cranked cameras of the day. It seems unlikely that even with modern technology you could not overcome all of the deficiencies of that era not to mention a 100 years of degradation of the film.
  3. Thanks for the replies. It was with the eccentric adjustment on the passenger side rear wheel. That is the one I have been having trouble with. Even though when the rear end was jacked up off the ground the wheels turned fine as soon as under power that brake would grab. I haven't had it apart yet, I am going to order new brake material and rivets and try to replace them myself.
  4. I took a picture of the passenger front brakes There isn't much in the way of springs.
  5. I had this happen before the fourth but haven't spent much time chasing the problem as I have been overwhelmed with a lot of other stuff. I thought I'd throw this out and see if anyone has any ideas. To start off I adjusted the 3rd brake shoe on each wheel so it had just a little resistance when you turn the wheel by hand. My brakes are atrocious and I am going to have to reline them like it or not. I drove the car several times testing, it drove normal but the brakes really didn't improve. A day or so later I went to move it and it did not want to go forward. It would back up fine. I jacked up the rear wheels and ran the motor, put it in gear and the wheels rotate fine. I jacked up the front wheels and they both turn fine. I tried to drive it to the back yard and it acted like it did not want to move and it would lug the motor. I could stop a few seconds and it would go again. I tried backing up and it worked fine. I went forward and it worked fine and then started the lugging the engine again like a brake was on. I managed to get it to its parking spot by going slow and just setting for a minute and then it would move again. I had noticed a similar behavior before but thought that it had to do with a brake sticking after using the parking brake but it never lasted more than a second or so. There would be a pop like a brake release and then it would go normally. Has anyone seen this, experienced it, heard of it? Do I have a gear or a brake problem? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. I can't believe that I forgot to post what I found. It turned out that the spring in my thermostat had rusted in two. It was left in a position that was blocking much of the passage of coolant. I hadn't suspected the thermostat because I could look into the radiator and see the coolant circulating. When I removed the thermostat the problem went away. I bought a replacement thermostat and it hasn't foamed since. Now I have developed a new problem with my differential and I am going to have to make a new post.
  7. It made me think of something that had been repurposed. Maybe keeping the frame and engine and making a car to haul around visitors or dignitaries that would not obstruct their view.
  8. He says it is on the engine block.
  9. I am not sure about the car. It can be seen on American Pickers S15 E8, Planes, Frames and Automobiles. They don't talk about the car though. I have a couple of screenshots of it.
  10. This thing showed up on FB Marketplace. I cannot identify it and the guy is taking offers. He can't even say how much of it is there. It certainly looks interesting and might be worthwhile for someone.
  11. This showed up in my Craigslist saved search. It looks like a great starter car, not sure if the price is a little high or not.
  12. I came across this in the South Bend Tribune and thought I'd share
  13. It will make someone a nice project.
  14. From what I understand, uniform VIN numbers did not start until 1980. I could see where a lot of states would just have created a title for a new vehicle as the current year rather than as the year it was manufactured. Heck they might have destroyed all of the previous years title stock on January 1st.
  15. I know for me that I would not want to purchase a car that was already restored or kept in nearly perfect condition. I guess this would be desirable to a collector but to me hobby means I need to be working on it. Also the price of completed cars is far beyond the ability of many people to afford.