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  1. It made me think of something that had been repurposed. Maybe keeping the frame and engine and making a car to haul around visitors or dignitaries that would not obstruct their view.
  2. He says it is on the engine block.
  3. I am not sure about the car. It can be seen on American Pickers S15 E8, Planes, Frames and Automobiles. They don't talk about the car though. I have a couple of screenshots of it.
  4. This thing showed up on FB Marketplace. I cannot identify it and the guy is taking offers. He can't even say how much of it is there. It certainly looks interesting and might be worthwhile for someone.
  5. This showed up in my Craigslist saved search. It looks like a great starter car, not sure if the price is a little high or not.
  6. I came across this in the South Bend Tribune and thought I'd share
  7. It will make someone a nice project.
  8. From what I understand, uniform VIN numbers did not start until 1980. I could see where a lot of states would just have created a title for a new vehicle as the current year rather than as the year it was manufactured. Heck they might have destroyed all of the previous years title stock on January 1st.
  9. I know for me that I would not want to purchase a car that was already restored or kept in nearly perfect condition. I guess this would be desirable to a collector but to me hobby means I need to be working on it. Also the price of completed cars is far beyond the ability of many people to afford.
  10. I'm not sure about the 27 but if the carburetor is anything like the one on my 29 Dictator 6 then the old pot metal is like thin glass. I believe it might break just staring at it too hard. Mine is a Stromberg UX2, you can see the repair I had to do after trying to remove the drain plug. I have coated the inside of it with Red Kote tank sealant. It has never leaked nor has my JB Weld softened. You might be able to soak the accelerator pump leather back to life with some motor oil.
  11. I went with the year of make also. Apparently back then in Indiana there were a front and back set, but I could not afford any of those.
  12. I would think that these would be nearly impossible to come by. Are they completely gone or just broken? I wish you the best of luck if they are gone.
  13. I imagine others here know about this but I just learned about it today. Pretty cool, there is even a video produced by Studebaker using the car. Watch the video here -
  14. I pm'd with him, he said it will do 55mph. I contacted him because he has the same engine as mine. I am having an issue at high rpm. The car looks solid to me but I don't know how negotiable on price he might be.
  15. This is in Indianapolis. He is asking $11k