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  1. I went with the year of make also. Apparently back then in Indiana there were a front and back set, but I could not afford any of those.
  2. I found this filter NOS on Ebay for my 29 Dictator 6. The mount was already changed and I am not sure if you can find a mount like it or not but it is an option for replacing the pancake filter. If it were mine, I would probably just keep cleaning the pancake as long a possible. The
  3. I would think that these would be nearly impossible to come by. Are they completely gone or just broken? I wish you the best of luck if they are gone.
  4. I imagine others here know about this but I just learned about it today. Pretty cool, there is even a video produced by Studebaker using the car. Watch the video here -
  5. I pm'd with him, he said it will do 55mph. I contacted him because he has the same engine as mine. I am having an issue at high rpm. The car looks solid to me but I don't know how negotiable on price he might be.
  6. This is in Indianapolis. He is asking $11k
  7. Hope you are back on your feet soon.
  8. I have to use either through windshield wiper port on the intake to get my 29 to start in the winter. I got it out last week and drove it once and it has set in the drive uncovered ever since. Now I need to take it for another short drive and put it away again.
  9. Here is the article from Southbend with a picture.
  10. These were under the front seat of my 29 Dictator when I bought it.
  11. So long as you were honest and up front you have a clear conscience.
  12. I keep mine under weatherproof car covers. Here where I am the wind comes across the field to the south and will destroy nearly any non-permanent structure. I have had good luck with a Duck Covers brand for my 29 Stud and I am testing a Coleman for the 1970 Siata (mostly because I could not find a Duck Cover small enough).
  13. You are probably wise to remain in the South as the weather up here can be quite unpredictable and sometimes downright cold. If however you feel the need to chill yourself to the bone I might suggest the museums around Auburn, Indiana or the Studebaker museum at South Bend, Indiana. If you do come up to Hoosier country let me clue you in that, North Vernon is south, South Bend is north and a French Lick isn't what it sounds like.
  14. Sometimes it is too dangerous to make something run again. Imagine watching the Kee Bird burn after all of the man hours and work to get her into the air again.
  15. If they had put the hydraulics under it and tiny little tires I'll bet ya it would sell in minute.