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  1. Good day, I am offering my 1956 (Canadian built) Plymouth Plaza 2 Door Club sedan for sale. I am the second owner and the car has been in my possession since 1999. It has a 230 cu. in. flat head 6 cylinder engine paired with a 2 speed "push button" automatic transmission. I had the car repainted in 2000 and has been licensed and driven since. Over the years I have added other vehicles to my collection and find the Plymouth seeing less and less daylight. It's time to seek out a potential new owner who can appreciate and care for this very original and complete survivor. I've been asked at car s
  2. Good day, you may have seen my recent post looking for info on a 29 Olds fluid gas sending unit. Would you have anything like it or know where I could find one. I've received a few leads about restoring my old one but was wondering if anyone had one. Steve
  3. Thanks for the leads. I have "googled" fluid gas tank sending units as well as searching many gas tank web sites and have hit dead ends. I will try these leads and hopefully get some insight. Steve
  4. Good day, I have recently acquired a 1929 Oldsmobile F29 Landau Deluxe. It is an older restoration by a gentleman who once ran a Chev/Olds dealership in a small town in Ontario, Canada. It had been sitting for about 9 years so I removed the gas tank to clean out any dirt or rust. The previous owner had rebuilt the tank using galvanized sheet metal but it still was rusty inside. I plan to send the tank out to be sand blasted and sealed. The sending unit is the fluid type as is the fuel guage on my dash. I don't know if it can be salvaged or if a replacement is available. Any suggestions on a wa
  5. Good day, my name is Steve and I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and I have a 1929 Studebaker Commander Victoria GJC 530, SER. # 4078455, that needs a new home. I could post it on-line for sale and get a bunch of tire kickers and guys who want to rod it, however it was originally my intention to preserve it as one of America's fine examples of automotive engineering. It is a very complete car that wouldn't require a great deal to bring back to life. I have checked out your club a few times and can see most of your members are dedicated to the restoration of these great automobiles. My questi
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