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  1. The cable and ends were brand new so no dust or clogs. I didn't oil it but read to use white grease. but again it made it about 10-20 foot. The speedo was working and it would spin. If it was the speedo, would it break off at the speedo end or the other end? I have a brand new NOS speedo that I bought off eBay with 0 mileage on it that I can try. But the old one does turn but right off hand I can't remember how much force if any it took to turn the speedo.
  2. My speedometer cable was sheared off at the transmission when I got it a few years ago. I had Bob's speedometer make a new one when I sent the one I had to them. I installed it and it was good for about 10 feet or so. The speedometer is free wheeling so I know it's not there. So at the transmission is there something that I need to be looking for and are there any diagrams so I can figure out what I need to free up.
  3. Thank you to all of you. It wound up being a stuck starter. We put the car in gear and rocked it back and forth and hit it a couple of times. Now she works.
  4. I'll start there as soon as I find my volt meter.
  5. So yesterday, I got in my '29 Dictator to start it up and take it out to run it. The engine was turning over but sometimes when the battery is a little weak it just won't start. I did get it to start though and then I cut it off. When I went to crank it again, I got nothing. The battery has charge as it shows on the ammeter. But when I press the floor starter it is dead silence. I checked my wiring for my switch as in the past the nuts came loose and the car wouldn't start or if it was it would cut off. But the nuts are tight so the switch is good. The ground seems to be good and the starter was gone thru about 6 months ago with a clean bill of health along with a good cleaning. I can't seem to find a good troubleshooting list to help with these cars.
  6. I'm checking out the menu for Hoss's and also the Wharf Bar & Grill
  7. I am heading to an area east of Harrisburg, PA between Lancaster and Lebanon. I am heading from Charlotte, NC. I am picking up a '66 Mustang Coupe from the original owners. I am staying on the north side of Harrisburg/Hershey overnight right of I-81. I am actually staying directly across the street from CJ Pony Parts as I am picking up a couple of things that I can't get at my local National Parts Depot. I plan to be at CJ Pony at 8:00 am the next morning and then I'm going to try to fit in the AACA Museum on the way to pick up the car. I am sure I can't see everything but I want to at least stop by. My dad is super excited to ride along with me. For those of you that either live in the area or have been frequently, can you recommend a good steak and seafood restaurant that is not a chain like Roadhouse or Red Lobster? Also, are there any good parts places along the way I might need to stop by? I am looking for a nice Factory Under Dash Evaporator for either a '65 or a '66 model.
  8. Anyone have a good source/shop or literature for rebuilding a completely worn out clutch for a 1929 Dictator?
  9. Is the car still for sale? Where is it located?
  10. My wife's uncle has a '68 Camaro RS/SS that he bought new. In the mid-80's, he took it to a local body shop. He told the shop to tear it down and fix any rust spots and fix any spots that have been known to rust on Camaro's. After a year, he got the car back took it home and parked it. Hasn't been out of the garage since. I have seen ranges for these anywhere from about 20k to 50k. What is a reasonable price to pay?
  11. Is this an inside or outside mount? I need an outside mount under the windshield overhang with the on/off thru the top of the windshield frame.
  12. Since there is much knowledge in this group, I have another question. Where can I find a new, I guess its some kind of canvas, spare tire cover for the tire that goes in the front left fender? I put new tires on today and I took the cover off it it is showing signs of age with holes developing in it.