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  1. Thank you for the advice ! I will look them up !
  2. Here is the Dupont Chart for Bellevue Beige ... which I think is a match ! I was told it was never repainted but don't know for sure.
  3. Thank you for the info. Yes I have red the judging manual for Nassau Tan for a model 48. I found a chart for the ACME chip which is not a match. Is it possible that there is error in the codes. I am not a blending expert or mixer and will have to consult with more experienced people when it comes to it. I've been trying to simplify it ahead of that with some research.
  4. I guess if I was repainting it but what I would like to do is touch it up in a few areas with lacquer. I hear that it is still obtainable so my hot rod buddies tell me. Most of the paint is in excellent condition. I think they can scan it for the color as you say but I'd like to find out why the numbers don't match.
  5. Kenny: I have a 34 - 47 and am wondering where to get my brakes relined ... any ideas ?
  6. I have recently purchased a 1934 Model 47 Buick and am trying to match the paint. I think it's Bellevue Beige but the Paint Code is #405 ... not #361 as some of my internet sources indicate. I believe that the paint is original lacquer but I don't know anything for sure. I have attached a pic of the body plate. I would appreciate any information that would help me with the original data as my intentions are to keep this car as original as possible. My suspicions are that all was not as orderly in the production process as it is today. The car has dual side mounts which are another color of brown.
  7. Did you finally sell the car ? I recently bought one like it and wonder what the purchase price was.
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