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  1. Ive been really working hard at getting the 46s stripped and ready for media blast. But one thing that I cannot seem to figure out how to remove is the antenna. This is my first car and Buick (I’m 17) that I’ve worked on. Anyone that could help me it would be much appreciated. Thank you, Alex.
  2. Ok, I have the entire front end apart (hood, fenders, grille, etc.) so I think if I just put me hoist on it and unbolt the trans and engine I can lift up and pull it out.
  3. Does anyone know how much a straight 8 weighs? I hope my engine stand can hold the ole girl.
  4. Hello, I have a 1951 Buick Special model 46s. I was looking into a while back on how others where pulling their straight 8`s. i got some good information, but no on had mentioned on where to pull the engine from. I am no stranger to pulling engines as my job is working on forklifts. I plan on pulling the engine and trans together as an assembly (263 & dynaflow). where would be a good position to rig up a chain to pull the engine? i have the engine pretty well stripped down (manifolds, fuel pump, starter, etc.) if anyone would have a picture or video on how i should rig up a pulling device that would be awesome! thanks in advance, Alex.
  5. I would but I’m affraid that the body will twist and not line up when I go to reinstall the body to the frame. (The floors in my car I removed with a shop vac. Lol)
  6. Sure is, thank you for the help my friend!
  7. Yep I have 2 shop manuals but can’t find this picture anywhere. Thank you!
  8. Yeah I was going to keep the trans connected to the engine but I want to take the converter bolts out because it’s easier to do in the car. How would I disconnect the torque tube from the trans?
  9. I am pulling it because it’s a frame of restoration and I want to rebuild the entire engine.
  10. I am beginning to get to work on my 51 Buick special and as I work I was thinking “how the heck am I going to pull this engine and trans?” I am going to send my car out and get the floors welded in, while it is at his shop I don’t want the engine in it just Incase someone has sticky fingers. I’ll be pulling it this spring, I have the entire front end off (fenders inner and out, grill, bumper, hood etc.) so I figure I can unbolt the converter but leave the bellhousing bolts attactched and remove the tourqe tube from the diff. Then unbolt the engine mounts and pull it out. Is this correct or are the Buick’s different? My next issue is where am I going to rig a puller up to this heavy girl. Does anyone have a picture or explanation on how you pulled your straight eight? I don’t want to damage anything internally such as a coolant passage or snap a bolt off in the head something like this. I figure a cherry picker and a chain and some bolts will do the job but I’m unsure. Does anyone have a idea on what I could do? Thanks
  11. Here is mine, it was very rusty in the beginning and then I blasted it and painted it with I think AC blue and chevy engine orange.
  12. I have the door trim off the inside of my 1951 Buick 2 dr. They had originally painted them white. Would anyone know what the number is for this paint or where I can get a pint like this. From what I can tell the factory painted it black, but it had very small white dots in it. It’s sort of like a metallic but with white. They didn’t use metallic on the interior I think. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could use to get close to the factory color. Does anyone have a original representation of one.
  13. my buick has this stamped on the side of the engine. could you decode this for me please. thanks "b400b534"
  14. yes i have a good manual. ill look at the dash removal procedure.
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