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  1. Anyone have a pair of passenger side doors for a 1934 Desoto SE 4dr. Rust free......
  2. The headlight reflectors on my C-17 are dull. They are silver plated, has anyone used silver polish or something else to recondition or do I need replate the reflectors?
  3. We arrived back in Tucson from Chico to hot weather (108°F). I need a re-corable radiator for my 1937 C-17 (a 1935, 1936, 1937 will work) as my tanks are not usable. does anyone have one available? My brake power booster has failed and needs repair, does anyone know of a shop that has experience in fixing these?
  4. Which year Airflow Radiators are the same as the one in my C-17? Does anyone have the part numbers for the Chrysler radiators ?
  5. After a cooling system flush, having the leaking water pump rebuilt, sealing some of the leaking hose connections, replacing the leaking radiator return pipe, The radiator in my 1937 Chrysler Airflow has been declared not repairable, the core and lower tank are leaking. Does anyone know of a source for a replacement radiator to fit my C-17?
  6. NAPA has them $33.29 ea for right or left front, rear ones are a problem to find.
  7. The exhaust manifold I need has part number 871187-1 on the center section and 654783 2 and 654785 2 on the end sections. The one I picked up does not fit where the intake manifold bolts together and the exhaust has 4 bolts vs the 2 on my exhaust pipe.
  8. Shipping consisted of putting the manifold in the back of my Jeep and driving an hour home.
  9. Desert Valley Auto parts in Casa Grande, AZ (it was the only pre 1950 8 cyl in the yard of over 4500 cars)
  10. I have finally found an exhaust manifold for my 1937 Airflow. Thanks for the help.
  11. Mine is in 5 pieces plus several cracks and I do not think that it is salvageable.
  12. I need the exhaust manifold, the old cracked one came apart during removal from the 80 year old engine. I understand the same manifold was used from 1934 to 1950 in the straight 8 Chrysler engines but all that I have found are already cracked, does anyone have one available?
  13. The radio, gas gauge, and other electrically operated instruments are polarity sensitive. Some of the motors may run backwards.
  14. I too have thought of adding A/C to my C-17. Temps here in Tucson exceed 100° F for 55+ days a year and even with all the vents open it is hot, and that reduces alertness and concentration on traffic conditions. Vintage Air does make heater A/C units that could work in Airflows, all do require 12V conversion.
  15. I have gotten new lug bolts for my Airflow from Ace Hardware, remember that the left side bolts are left hand threads.