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  1. Reviving an older post. My daughter and I installed the Old Air Products HVAC system in her '64 that uses the Pro6ten compressor with a single groove. While the system works good we shred a belt every few weeks. I was looking at the thread referenced in the last post here and see the belt setup, and I tried it using one of the belts I had used when I bypassed the AC to run the alternator and the longer belt to wrap the AC. This setup slips worse than the single belt running the alternator and compressor together. I've tried the factory width belts and tried narrower and wider and still end up wearing the belts from slippage. There is just nowhere near enough wrap to keep any setup I have tried from slipping. It's been a few years, and this thread came up when I was searching for a double groove clutch/pulley for this compressor (actually trying to find the manufacturer). Does anyone here happen to know who makes this compressor? I've contacted Old Air Products and they would only tell me that they don't offer a dual groove option.
  2. Getting closer. After unpacking the front and rear glass we found that the previous owner gave us the wrong parts. We ended up with a windshield for a 67-72 Chevy truck. She sold that off and got the correct windshield installed. All of the chrome has been Scotchbrite scuffed or bead blasted so we are looking for replacements or somewhere to have the stainless re-polished and the chrome re-chromed and replacements for the bent and broken stuff... But she's driving it now and happy as can be.
  3. Russ Martin is definitely knowledgeable and a good source for the nailhead including new and used parts but he is a jerk. He had my daughter in tears and my wife so frustrated when they called to order parts from him for our 425 (we ended up doing research and finding the new parts we wanted directly from the suppliers). But that's behind us now... If you can get past his demeanor EVERYTHING he says is true and worth gold. If you build your own engine and follow his advice you will have a strong, long-living, engine. The nailhead cam bearings have to be sized to fit the cam - NO new cam will fit without sizing the bearings. This is not something most machine shops are able to do anymore. And do not use FelPro gaskets. The head gaskets will leak oil - another point that Russ makes. BEST gaskets are, like the name implies, the best - and they are what Russ sells too. I built my daughter's engine; the fifth nailhead I have ever built - They are a great looking and sounding engine, and they make HUGE torque at low RPM. I use TA Performance for parts here in the Phoenix area.
  4. color blind... I should get a handicap spot, lol. The light one looked yellow. Thank you! I am an engineer and deal with wiring every day... I usually end up ringing stuff out to make sure I have the correct wires - I knew I had the dash wired correctly and what the wires did but not which connector on the TSU. While the wiring will not be stock I want anyone working on it in the future to be able to grab a wiring diagram and have it be fairly accurate.
  5. This smile makes it all worthwhile. After breaking the cam in and making sure all is good she got to drive it around the block... Wires dangling everywhere!
  6. From alini's post it looks like '65 has a green and yellow wire as well (I'm color blind so this is really fun, lol) But here is a crop of the wiring diagram I have for '64 which, according to my wife, is correct for the car we're working on since there was a light green and light green wire in the vicinity of the TSU on our car...
  7. Sorry it took so long to reply... Forgot my password and then just got busy!! Thank you for all of your help. Looks like we got a bum temp sender. The new-new one seems to work correctly. '63 and '64 have a different color code according to the wiring diagram I have for '64 and the input you all offered, but the sensor is the same, so on '64 a dark green wire is hot instead of yellow, and a light green wire is for cold... thank you again!! On to the next step in this adventure...
  8. I am building a 1964 with my daughter. It is a basket-case, but solid since it is a desert car. The only issue is that EVERY plastic piece is gone since the car sat outside for years. I am rewiring the car and need to know which terminal on the temperature sending unit has the dark green wire and which has the light green wire. I am using an aftermarket kit, but since the kit is GM based all of the colors are there and correct for function. The original wires were near the sender but didn't have any insulation left or a connector. Ideally I would LOVE a photo of a sender with an OEM connector that shows the wire colors. I am trying to keep as much of the original function as possible. I've had no luck contacting BWD getting specs on the sender, either. Does anyone happen to know the cold operating range of the sender? If I remember right the last car I had with a cold light wouldn't light the lamp unless the coolant was colder than 70 degrees - and living in the desert the average temp in my shop is still in the mid 80s so I show no continuity on either terminal at 80 degrees so I am turning to you all for a bit of help! Thanks! Helping the next generation keep the passion for hot-rods...
  9. My daughter's '64. A basket case but a good project to share with her. This is from the day we got it. I've rebuilt the engine/trans/rearend/brakes and she has driven it around the block but the car still pretty much looks the same. It sat outside for more than 10 years in the desert with the hood, windows, and doors off so every bit of electrical is gone. Most of the interior was stored inside so it looks pretty good but not her style so it will be replaced too.
  10. I bought the Inline Tube for my 64. No issues with fit. HOWEVER, the car I am working on is a basket-case and didn't have the original lines to compare to. 64 and 65 used the same powertrain -T400 and Nailhead - so if there are differences I would imagine it would be where the radiator sits. The radiator I bought came from OPGI and the lines worked with minimal fuss. Any hard line is a pain, but these worked well. And I used to live down the street from Inline Tube... great guys.