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  1. Thank you yes I understand right/left hand drive setups, lol I knew this was pass side.. your address also was a clue lol.? fantastic .? thanks John.
  2. OK this is also perfect for no spare tire .I'll take it .Ship to...haha Any one have one for sale ? A pair for spare tire aplication will do too. Thanks to all. Very helpful as usual. Todd☺
  3. This picture is perfect ! Thank you Bob.
  4. A picture looking from above and towards the ground showing how it's bolted to frame would be great, posts are great Bob thank you!
  5. Looking for rear bumpers for rear a 29 DA sedan what do they look like ? Can some one post pictures of what they look like and how they appear mounted. My car has the spare tire carrier. there are a few posted here and there but they don't look correct as far as how they bolt on. thanks in advance for pictures. todd
  6. Thanks Bob anyone else have a clear Sideview picture ?? thanks
  7. Oops My apologies a 1929 dodge DA sedan. ?
  8. Need picture that depicts placement of REAR hood latch placement. I believe on frame rail but where. pictures greatly appreciated. thank you. Todd
  9. dodgerod

    Door locks

    Gentlemen, the lock was on the passenger door because a real gentleman would unlock and open the door for his lady, she would then reach across and unlock his door. told to me by an old wise man who had all the answers. My dad.swapping mechanisms will NOT work. have a nice day.
  10. Thank you how do they come apart? picture is very helpful.
  11. Could someone post pictures of hood hold down used on 1929 Dodge DA sedan. Front and rear as well where rear one mounts. thank you Todd
  12. Nice! The second car is from alberta. I notice also all of their headlamp wires exit out the back, mine come out the bottom of the mounting stem. What is correct? Maybe mine are not....beautiful cars Todd
  13. Do the cowl lights on a 1929 DA Sedan turn on with head lamps or strickly by themselves? What is their intended purpose? How bright should they be? thanks Todd
  14. In Alberta if you use origonal plate from 1929 you have to use both. I have a beautiful pair that I am going to use. Not a lot of response to this query , I have seen top shelf restorations and the plate seems to be all over the place, centre,left, right not a big deal just curious whren it should be .... nice 29 DA you have there, restoring it? Todd
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