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  1. Manufacturer is Inland pump manufacturing company, chicago,il
  2. Although I have a 28 Model A roadster, I keep getting lucky finding Model T stuff. Found a model t anti thef device a couple years ago. Found a 1916? Model T tire pump today. It is in great working condition. Paid $32 for it. Hope it will fit my model A running board.
  3. I bought a model T tire pump today. It has the patent number 1191510 on it but no date such as Dec 14,1916. It has the number 1 on the handle. It is in great working order. Trying to find out if this is an earlier model or newer model since no date is on the pump itself
  4. Email me at sixrodman1946@yahoo.com when you get back here, or when you can. Would love to see your 31.
  5. I always wanted a Model A ever since a high school friend of mine had one in 1961. My wife of 37 years said the only way I would get one is if the died. A friend of mine said that was horrible to say. My wife and I would just laugh it off. When she passed away in December 2012 I started looking for one, as I knew if I did not buy it soon I never would. In March 2013 I spotted a 28 Roadster on line at a dealership in NC. I bought the car, sight unseen. Although I would not suggest doing so. I bought it, had it delivered to me in China Grove, NC. I have not regretted it. I love my old car. I drive it locally and although the paint job is not the best, I always get looky Lou's. I love driving it to the store. The town I now live in, Welcome, NC has a speed limit of 35. Love it. I am 74 and enjoying this car. You are never too old for the oldies. I also have a 64 Ford TBird.
  6. I have the old top. It's the bows that I only have one a and it is broken. I bought a new top just have to finish up the oak bows I am trying to make.
  7. MickyDC

    Sway bars

    I noticed what I believe to be sway bars that are missing the bolt that connects them to a bracket up by the transmission. Does anyone know the dimensions of this bolt? I don't want to drive my car until I get this fixed.
  8. I did not find any looking like mine at their store..
  9. Check with your DMV. When I worked for DMV in WA state you would have to have your car inspected by State Patrol and they would assign numbers, and then I believe you would have to be put on a 3 year registration only. That ment you could register and drive the car but a clear title would not be given out for 3 years. That would also allow you to sell the car but the new owner would not get a clear title until the end of the 3 year mark.
  10. You probably got your lift by now. I had a 4 post bend pak and for the most part I loved it. My mistake was ordering mine set up for 115 wiring vs 240. It was slow. Also I had a hard time with the air lines which came disconnected a few times.
  11. I would love to buy these if you have not sold them yet. Contact me at sixrodman1946@yahoo.com or text me at 919-901-5049
  12. I have had to resort to making by 2 bows for my 28 roadsters. Have not found any to buy. My car had 1 bow but it was really broken up. Would like to see what each bow looks like.
  13. Thanks for the info. It may reach around a tire and lock. I am going to try and have a key made for it. I just thought it was an interesdting item so I bought it. If I find someone at any of our car shows with a T I may approach them and see if it will fit their car. By the way I miss WA state. I am from Centralia, WA
  14. Without measuring it I believe it is 3-4 inches. It is quite heavy and larger than it looks in pictures.
  15. It is called Auto Theft Signal System.
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