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  1. I have the old top. It's the bows that I only have one a and it is broken. I bought a new top just have to finish up the oak bows I am trying to make.
  2. MickyDC

    Sway bars

    I noticed what I believe to be sway bars that are missing the bolt that connects them to a bracket up by the transmission. Does anyone know the dimensions of this bolt? I don't want to drive my car until I get this fixed.
  3. I did not find any looking like mine at their store..
  4. Check with your DMV. When I worked for DMV in WA state you would have to have your car inspected by State Patrol and they would assign numbers, and then I believe you would have to be put on a 3 year registration only. That ment you could register and drive the car but a clear title would not be given out for 3 years. That would also allow you to sell the car but the new owner would not get a clear title until the end of the 3 year mark.
  5. You probably got your lift by now. I had a 4 post bend pak and for the most part I loved it. My mistake was ordering mine set up for 115 wiring vs 240. It was slow. Also I had a hard time with the air lines which came disconnected a few times.
  6. I would love to buy these if you have not sold them yet. Contact me at sixrodman1946@yahoo.com or text me at 919-901-5049
  7. I have had to resort to making by 2 bows for my 28 roadsters. Have not found any to buy. My car had 1 bow but it was really broken up. Would like to see what each bow looks like.
  8. Thanks for the info. It may reach around a tire and lock. I am going to try and have a key made for it. I just thought it was an interesdting item so I bought it. If I find someone at any of our car shows with a T I may approach them and see if it will fit their car. By the way I miss WA state. I am from Centralia, WA
  9. Without measuring it I believe it is 3-4 inches. It is quite heavy and larger than it looks in pictures.
  10. It is called Auto Theft Signal System.
  11. I did find one on eBay for $125 and one for $71. I paid $20 for mine. Don't know how to hook it to the wheel.
  12. This device was made by the Security Manufacturing Company/Miller Chapmin Company in Aug 25, 1914.
  13. Love the photo's of your car. Hope mine looks as good as yours before I pass on.
  14. My 28 Ford roadsters is an olive green paint. I tried to go over it with a different paint I thought I would like. Does any one know what colors were offered in 28. I know a lot of Model A's were black but I would prefer a color that stands out. The body is straight but with a few blemishes. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  15. All electrical works ok. I was just wondering if 12 volt was better than 6 volt.