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  1. I can't find the dipstick on my 1946 Lincoln V-12. Would appreciate some guidance.
  2. I just replaced the nylon cog wheels on the odometer. In the process I broke the plastic knob to the light switch; I was able to get a replacement. I have now put the dash housing back unto the car but find it impossible to push the dash knob prong into the switch. I thought I would take the knob off the prong and see if I could push in the prong, but I can't get the knob off the prong. There is clearly a very small metal clip to release the lock located in the knob but I can't get the knob pulled off. I figure that I will have to remove the dash housing, remove the knob, push the prong t
  3. So they are nestle in on the side somewhat under the leather visor?
  4. I am trying to service the Odometer to replace the cogwheels. I have read this posts and watched the video and have the parts. I read the instructions in the TC Service Manual. It shows the location of 4 mounting retaining screws. Had no trouble removing the top screws. At the location on either side the leather visor would be covering the location of the retaining screws. I may damage the leather if I move it to find the screws. I would like to hear from others before I attempt this. Are the retaining screws there. Also will the dark leather visor just come off without further attac
  5. After reading the posts it sounds like he did not have a title. I have heard of really old vehicles that were bought without a title but only a bill of sale. However, if he ever had a license plate I would think he had a title. I'd send his daughter a registered later with signature required to get her attention. The executor of the will would be able to sign a transfer if the title exists. There are car title companies in Texas that for a fee might assist you.
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