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  1. I946 Lincoln Zephyr 4 door sedan. I need the following parts: 12 Spark plugs rotor Complete set of spark plug wires Points and I presume condenser Radiator hoses Thermostat & gasket Fuel pump Replacement fuel line carb to tank Sender (float) for tank Thanks in advance for any sage advice you can lend. The car sat idle for some years in a very nice garage and has only about 40,000 miles. It does start and then car runs well, but stops usually because of a fuel clog. I intend to take off the tank have it cleaned and put in the parts as outlined above.
  2. I can't find the dipstick on my 1946 Lincoln V-12. Would appreciate some guidance.
  3. I just replaced the nylon cog wheels on the odometer. In the process I broke the plastic knob to the light switch; I was able to get a replacement. I have now put the dash housing back unto the car but find it impossible to push the dash knob prong into the switch. I thought I would take the knob off the prong and see if I could push in the prong, but I can't get the knob off the prong. There is clearly a very small metal clip to release the lock located in the knob but I can't get the knob pulled off. I figure that I will have to remove the dash housing, remove the knob, push the prong to connect into the switch, then replace the housing being careful to put the prong through the hole for it in the dash housing. After all of that replace the knob on the prong. Now what other ways can I get the prong released from the plastic knob?.
  4. So they are nestle in on the side somewhat under the leather visor?
  5. I am trying to service the Odometer to replace the cogwheels. I have read this posts and watched the video and have the parts. I read the instructions in the TC Service Manual. It shows the location of 4 mounting retaining screws. Had no trouble removing the top screws. At the location on either side the leather visor would be covering the location of the retaining screws. I may damage the leather if I move it to find the screws. I would like to hear from others before I attempt this. Are the retaining screws there. Also will the dark leather visor just come off without further attachments?
  6. Need some help. I am trying to remove the interior headliner on the soft top. I managed to pull everything out, but can't figure how to remove the locks on either side front. I have really given it a lot of study but I do not wee a way to remove this so I can pull off top material. Would appreciate some sage advice. Picture attached. Roger
  7. I removed the car top. I pushed the button for the tonneau release and there is a loud click but nothing happens. The owners manual indicates there is a wire in the trunk that can be pulled to release the locks manually. Looking at the spot indicated there is nothing to pull. So I am stuck I can't get the tonneau cover up so that I can raise the cloth top. Please reply with any ideas that might help this situation. Thank you.
  8. Yes as I stated R-12A. I didn't think it was overpriced. It is still blowing cold.
  9. Dude, I appreciate the advice. In my original post I said that it two people to open the hood, not that it had never been opened. I followed your advice but it still takes two to open it. I will keep at it.
  10. I followed the Dude's advice, but unfortunately it still does not open. Now I'll look at alignment.
  11. I found a kit on Ebay. It had 3 cans of R-12 A, an adapter for the port and a hose with gauge. It cost about $60. I put in the adapter and filled with 2 cans of R-12 A. My air conditioner now blows cold air. This was a simple fix and it costs much less than converting to 134. I am pleased.
  12. After reading the posts it sounds like he did not have a title. I have heard of really old vehicles that were bought without a title but only a bill of sale. However, if he ever had a license plate I would think he had a title. I'd send his daughter a registered later with signature required to get her attention. The executor of the will would be able to sign a transfer if the title exists. There are car title companies in Texas that for a fee might assist you.
  13. My 1990 Chrysler TC has a hood that takes two to open. When you pull the latch it does not spring open. My wife pulls the latch then I bang on the hood and then unlock the safety latch. I have tightened the spring and also loosened the spring, have also used white lithium grease to free things up-all to no avail. I am out of ideas, does anyone know what to do about this?
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