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  1. I understand that the late Bill Bell donated a large collection of early Vehicle Registration Data to the AACA. Where can I find what data this collection entails and, as someone based in the UK, how can I access it please? Has it been digitised...? I have accessed early Vehicle Registration from archives in Ohio and Oregon. I understand that a lot of the early Registration records survive for California. How do I find, please, where other Registration records are located (in various archives etc)....? I am trying to carry out a study of where the Single Cylinder Cadillacs of 1902 to 1908 were dispatched, and the owner's name when records started. So I wish to search for Cadillac engine numbers in the Registration records, nationwide, as shown in this example from Oregon. Thanks for any advice members are able to provide.
  2. Can anyone identify this early pedal car, please?
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