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  1. Great question drhach, Roger I assume you will bend the tabs outward and then solder a single piece beneath it and the tabs become the thicker areas for the oil pan bolts.
  2. The fan looks amazing, you always seem to pull so much detail out of even the "simplest" parts
  3. That looks great and I'm imagining the engine behind it and looking forward to seeing it for real.
  4. Very nice I don't know if it is an optical illusion, but in the photo it looks like the "finger" that sticks out on the mount on the left side should be mounted in a recessed area at the same level as the perimeter flange.
  5. Roger as is usually the case, you know as soon as you don't keep a tool you've made you will need it again LOL 😉
  6. Roger were these tools fabricated for this project or did you have them left from other projects. Do you keep any of the tools you make in case you need them for something in the future ? It's looking great.
  7. Roger that frame is amazing, even with the "errors" that we wouldn't even be aware of if you hadn't informed us 😉
  8. Looking good Roger, we'll just keep that little mistake between us 😉
  9. Very nice work, glad to see you enjoyed your time away. I was actually giddy when I saw that you had posted an update. LOL
  10. Diameter 24.26 mm (0.955 in) Thickness 1.75 mm (0.069 in) Weight 5.67 gm
  11. Thanks Roger, the crossmember looks amazing and being able to gauge the actual size makes it even that much more amazing
  12. Great job Roger, that looks amazing. How big is that piece overall, can you take a photo with the really big coin. 😉
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