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  1. It looks very good in there, 10 rivets is a lot of rivets in that small area, I'm sure you've already been thinking through the installation process and accessibility.
  2. Very nice, does the lower portion have the same type of shape/stamping in the curved area ?
  3. I'm good with whatever crossmember you choose to do, but I think I would like to see the first one. The chassis is looking great. EDIT: Oh well, I guess I was late in replying, third crossmember it is LOL 😉
  4. Looking good as always, Roger have you ever done any casting of metals for any of your projects ?
  5. Roger would it be possible to measure from the rear forward using the drive shaft tube dimensions to double-check the transmission crossmember location ?
  6. Roger, Those pieces look great. You know that missing part will now magically appear at some point during a test assembly of those parts, for me the missing item generally appears just as I'm finishing the replacement. 😄
  7. Roger, There is so much work that takes place for you to build these pieces that we would never know about without your sharing the process of the construction. Thanks again, because it makes your amazing work even that much more fascinating.
  8. Sorry Roger, I had no idea as to why it was like that, didn't even have a guess. Thanks to you and Taylormade for the explanation, I would have never even guessed it involved anything with the steering.
  9. They turned out very nice, it's always good to have less problems than expected.
  10. Thank you, I assumed you would pin/sleeve it in some manner, I was just curious