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  1. I was already rewarded by following the build (I think that is a pretty good job of sucking up LOL 😉 ) Alex I will accept the quarter with pride LOL
  2. Do yourself a favor and start at the beginning of this thread and take it the entire build, you won't regret it, I've actually went back through the entire post three times. Roger thanks again for allowing us to experience your craftsmanship.
  3. Roger will you be starting a new build thread for the Cadillac chassis and engine ? I'm looking forward to following that build.
  4. Roger I see you hadn't acquired your big oversized US quarter yet 😉
  5. Roger just out of curiosity, do you still have any of the "rather large quantity" of screws and nuts or have you used up the supply in the last 12 years ?
  6. That trunk hinge assembly is pretty amazing, as is everything else 😉
  7. It's crazy how the latch is just meant to be a mechanical item but can be so intriguing
  8. Following the renovation of the Toronado is just as rewarding as watching the construction of the Mark II. Awesome work as always Roger and reading through your descriptions makes it as if we are literally there watching you perform the tasks.
  9. Very cool, I hope the pin and strap that fell into the pillar doesn't create an annoying rattle while driving. ?
  10. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing that is, a fully functional jack for an amazing project.