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  1. Roger that looks amazing, do you ever just stop for a moment and look at what you've created and say "man, I did a great job", because you should. LOL
  2. Looking good Roger. How did you make the air intake tube, is that a piece of solid stock that you cut on the lathe to get the taper and drilled a shallow hole for the illusion of it being an open tube or did you roll a piece of flat stock and solder it ?
  3. Very nice looking, Roger in my experience with other engines and transmissions those bosses and tabs are for securing the item during the machining process.
  4. I'm always amazed by the littlest things, for example the hole you cut in the bellhousing/block to install your fabricated part.
  5. Nothing like having an extra set of hands to help, wait, never mind 😉
  6. Thank you for telling your build stories, I thoroughly enjoy every post
  7. I think I have started at page 1 and went through the entire thread 4 or 5 times, I'm just as amazed every time I do it.
  8. Great question drhach, Roger I assume you will bend the tabs outward and then solder a single piece beneath it and the tabs become the thicker areas for the oil pan bolts.
  9. The fan looks amazing, you always seem to pull so much detail out of even the "simplest" parts
  10. That looks great and I'm imagining the engine behind it and looking forward to seeing it for real.
  11. Very nice I don't know if it is an optical illusion, but in the photo it looks like the "finger" that sticks out on the mount on the left side should be mounted in a recessed area at the same level as the perimeter flange.
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