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  1. I am always amazed, I stare at these two pieces admiring the detail and then remind myself that both pieces will fit on the face of the quarter with room to spare and my amazement goes to a whole other level.
  2. Roger that looks incredible, the detail is amazing everywhere you look in the photo
  3. Roger that's great, the fact that you added the shifter plate is just another one of the reasons your models are so amazing.
  4. Wow, talk about 10 lbs of poop in a 5 lb bag, there a lot of stuff in a small area Roger that transmission is really turning out amazing
  5. That is very cool, so do you pull the lever back to set the parking brake or push it forward ?
  6. Roger artist like yourself always amaze me, the ability to see inside of what you are building and add elements to it to reach the finish project is a gift, as is your ability to actually perform the work.
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