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  1. I had the wheels redone, the hubs were chromed and added stainless steel spokes. They were done by Rally America in California who did a great job.
  2. Hello, I own a Chrysler Imperial CQ 5 Passenger Coupe. I know there was 267 produced. Does anyone know if there is any other survivor out there. I have done a lot of research myself and cannot find any information on another one. If anyone has any information I would really appreciate feedback. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, I am looking for more information regarding the tools for my Chrysler Imperial CQ. When I acquired my car it did not come with any of the tools therefore, I am in the process of trying to gather all the original type tools that came with the car. I have the list of tools that was provided in the instruction book that came with the car but have no knowledge of the make or the look of the tools. I am listing below all the tools that I am trying to acquire if anyone has any information or photos it would be greatly appreciated. Wheel Wrench, Auto Jack, Auto Jack Handle, Starting Crank Assembly, Tire Iron, Wheel Assembling Pilot Stud, No. 1 Wrench, No. 2 Wrench, No. 5 Wrench, Pliers, Screwdriver, Hammer, Spark Plug Wrench, Tappet Adjusting Wrench, and High Pressure Lubricating Gun. Again, any help would sincerely be greatly appreciated.