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  1. Didnt post anything in the long time!
  2. Thank you sir! Thank you very much! Awesome she does nice work. I would recommend her to do more sharp lines with soft 4B pencil. bottom of the car, inside of the fenders, grill. Drawing will gets more realistic. Also she should practice eclipses, i know their hard to do. Its good to draw box firstly and put eclipse or circle inside of it. Attaching sample doe with pencils only, check how the lines are sharp.
  3. Hey! How Y'all doing? It has been a while. Im still here and drawing these cars. Im trying to improve every day. WHat do you think? Can you see some progress? Attaching few of my lates art works. Some are classic ones and some modern cars.
  4. Hey guys did not post in a while. Couple of my latest drawings. Large 16x22 paper size. Fully handmade done with markers and pencils.
  5. Hello! Have not post any drawings for a while. I started using new technique. Instead of pencils Im using markers and pencils. Also had to change the paper. Drawings are now more "showy" Hope you all like them! Using 16x22 or 11x16
  6. Hey guys! Got few more Drawings to share! hope you will like them 2015 Stingray Harley Limited 40th Anniversary Covette
  7. Welcome! your car looks absolutely amazing!
  8. Average time is 3 days, that means around 15-20 hours. But some cars are easier then others so sometimes when it is smaller paper size Im able to make it in 2 days. You can see above I posted Elcamino showing engine bay so that took me 4 days to make, little harder.
  9. 34 Chevy, anybody here with one like that? This is how it looked when it was in progress.
  10. Dodge Challenger Done as a birthday gift. 14x17 inches.
  11. Another example of what you will get when you order car drawing of your car from me All done with graphite pencils only! '64 Buick Skylark coupe 11x14 inches
  12. Another example of whatyou will get when you will order car drawing of your car from me All done with graphite pencils only! '69 Camaro 327 14x17 inches
  13. Merry Christmas to you all! Enjoy your time with family's Little Santa chevy edition lol 11x14 USA New York 11x14 USA New York 11x14 framed in Texas on owners wall
  14. I cant sing and dance as well. But my skill level increase after couple of shots lol
  15. Another example of what quality you will get when you order drawing from me USA - WI '69 Camaro 383 stroker
  16. Haha thank you! it is all in practice tho!
  17. Green Cuda '71. done from more photos
  18. Just finished: Corvette 427 2013. 14x17 inches
  19. Just finished. Corvette 427 pure traditional art, only graphite pencils used!
  20. This is drawing I did for the owner from England! 14x17 inches multi drawing. how you like this one?