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  1. Thank you for great info. We have finished the wood refurbishment, and have just started the metalworking. When we got the car, the runningboards were wood, and about 3 inches longer than stock. The fenders were also heavily rusted, so we have had to replace the edges and 3 inches into the fender on both sides. Just about everything from the sparewheelwell and back to the runningboards was missing. So it has also been recreated. I will make an inquiry to L&L and the rubbercompany for the edge trim and rubber mat. Thanks again for the help Frode Johansen
  2. Hi. I am looking for information and pictores of the original runningboards for the 1931 Pontiac Six. I am assisting my dad with the restoration of one, and the runningboards are missing. Are the runningboards all sheetmetal, or are they made of Wood with a sheetmetal edge trim? If anyone can help me with high resolution pictures of both the front fenders and the runningboards, it would be most appreciated. Frode Johansen Norway
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