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  1. Older post I know but I was scrolling through the posts as it's a slow Saturday at work today and snce Betty The Buick needs interior this caught my eye. I Googled LeBarron Bonney and came across this. How very sad! https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2019/03/22/upholstery-supplier-lebaron-bonney-files-for-chapter-7-bankruptcy/
  2. Here's an OPTIMA option, as I hate lugging around that big old battery. A friend of mine has installed one in his 52 and seems very pleased. They do also seem to offer this in the yelow top as well. https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/redtop-starting-battery/6v
  3. Interesting Views, Gentlemen. Here's my personal take; I live alone, pay a mortgage, utilities, and a few other neccessities......I also love cars. I found my previously loved 49 Buick not running for very cheap on CL. When I have a little extra cash, I do things like inexpensive interior and mechanical improvements to make her run and stop. I will not put forth the money to make her "Pretty" because it's just not in the budget. However I will absolutely enjoy driving her every mile I do, knowing that I made her road worthy, and I will raise my niece to know the beauty of an old unrestored car. Don't get me wrong, I respect those that put forth the money and time to restore or customize, but I see my boyfriend with these kind of cars sitting in trailers and garages because he doesn't want anything to happen to them so they go undriven. Instead he drives the '35 Ford Panel Rat Rod because it isn't a pristine paint job and one little flaw will go unnoticed. The idea of my Buick and many others rotting away in a yard or crushed as scrap makes me depressed.....I think pristine or not the appreciation of these cars needs to be shown for future generations or it will be lost.
  4. I need a little help. I picked up a spark plug cover for Betty, but this solenoid looking part is in the way of the mounting. Any idea what this is and if it can be removed or relocated? Thank you all!
  5. Hello guys! Please bear with me, this is my first project, and while I have some basic automotive knowledge, I need help. I have tried to get the brake master cylinder off the frame to rebuild, but those bolts are tough. I think I might try heat next. I was going to check the fluid, as the previous owner said they were working, but how in the world is it possible to get a wrench in there to do that? Also, where do I get a shop manual for this car? Thank you guys!
  6. Got the hood open, and located the master cylinder. Thanks again, Pete!
  7. Hello gang! I just bought myself a 1949 Buick Super project to build. I'm really excited, but right off the bat I have a question. The brakes aren't working, so of course I'm going to change/rebuild the hydraulics. However, the master cylinder doesn't seem to be under the driver side floor after I ripped the carpet out. This leads to another problem; the hood cable was rigged by the previous owner, and when I pulled, it broke. The passenger side still seems to be attached to the latch, but won't release. How in the world do I get that thing open to see if the Master cylinder has been relocated? Thanks! -WendyDee