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  1. Just saw this , what a great adventure and happy to see you kept a prewar beauty for your self
  2. Thank you for your help as I had no idea how to do it , I guess by your suggestion its way too heavy to do by myself so will see if a friend can help
  3. Hi Guys Thank you for all the replies , I did not think there was a Special Deluxe in 1940 but would occasionally see a 1940 listed online as such the seller would usually say the Special was a Deluxe due to the trim or accessory package which confused me since I never saw that in any Buick brochure
  4. I had been looking at various 1940 Buick Specials on the web , some people list them as Buick Specials Others list them as a Buick Special Deluxe What is the difference between a 1940 Special and a Special Deluxe??
  5. Hi Guys I want to remove the seats from the 1940 special 4 door sedan , can't figure how to do it can someone tell me the procedure in removing the front seat and also the rear seat? Thank you in advance for any help and info
  6. I noticed a lot of guys on the forum replace their tires , I a m looking for a cheap used set of whitewall tires size 6.50 x 16 , if anyone has an old set lying around that they would like to sell please PM me and let me know Thank you in advance to all who reply
  7. Thank you for posting the info and letting me know the P205/70/R16 tires you have on your car work as I did not get any tires yet did you notice any change in engine rpm when driving ?? as I would not want to strain the motor I wonder if 225/70/R16 would be closer to the original size? did you ever try these
  8. Beautiful car and happy to see you located a type of gas cap that would work
  9. Hi Guys I saw a few posts on people cleaning their breather units on their motors Does a 1940 straight 8 motor's breather unit or tube require any cleaning or maintenance?
  10. Thanks Matt for your reply , I have always been nervous about putting vintage cars on modern style lifts PS: Are there any specific jacking points that I should use when I want to change a front or rear tire?
  11. I wanted to inquire about the proper jacking points under the 1940 special and also if it is safe to put the car on a modern lift as I will need to bring the car in for a safety inspection at some point when these were made garages usually had pits or the type of lift that the car rolled on that rose them up from the wheels modern lifts have 4 movable arms the service man puts into positions under the car he feels is good given most service men have never lifted one of these cars I want to make sure it is safe and the car wont break and what would be the proper places for him to put the 4 arms of the lift
  12. I drove the car the last few days up and down the driveway and seems to be ok Hand brake freed up during test which I was happy about but need to adjust gears and clutch seemed good and foot brakes as well as the hand brake stopped the car car needs to be driven on the road for a proper test as I have a short driveway so was moving quite slowly will try to get exhaust system soon as well as tires so I can finish it up and make the car my daily driver
  13. I just finished putting the water pump in , it took appx an hour and 15 minutes to do the job , it was a bit harder to do than taking it out as I had to hold it in place with one hand while trying to line up the gasket and bolts so it took a while After it was done I started her up and no more whining or clangity clang clang noise from the motor , what a relief! I'll do a few more test drives up and down the driveway tomorrow The next step is changing the trans and rear end fluids then finding and putting on an exhaust system After that is done she should be ready to drive on the road
  14. I decided to get my water pump rebuilt by Flying Dutchman as they had many good reviews and recommendations It should be arriving today and I will put it in the minute it arrives and let everyone know how it turned out I wanted to ask a quick question The thermostat in the 1940 Buick Special was toast so I bought an identical generic one locally it is a GATES 33508 Thermostat 180 degree as it looks identical will it be ok to use?
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