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  1. I am indeed. However, I put up a Wanted ad in another section of the forum and have a few potential leads on the rear center glass already. Will have to give those sellers a chance first I'm afraid. Will let you know if it falls through. Like you said, haven't been easy to find and many are the tinted version. I'm at awe of what you're doing, been following from a distance but with great interest. Looking great too!
  2. Hi Gary, Ah yes, I have the the L shaped chrome trim as well. So that should be fine, thank you for clarifying. Well I might take you up on your offer related to those brackets, as you can see in the image I think someone has welded them on and one is missing. Or probably was in such bad condition I threw it away as it broke off. At least now I understand what I need to do to make everything fit together. (First time doing a full restoration project...) Good to know. I might order a set and if they're the same thing I guess I can always return it. Like you say, I have a feeling I might have the Sedan version. Thank you for the recommendation.
  3. Hello and thank you all for chipping in with different bits of very useful information. I think I might keep the ones I have and like some of you recommend, modify them to make sure it fits tightly and glue the rubber to the glass to make sure it sits the way it should. An observation after all your comments is that the image of the windows from Last Chance Auto Restoration I posted seem to have a seal with the outer lip the makes sure it fits differently. Maybe that was some time ago and those seals existed then. I did get in touch with them and they said they get their seals from Metro as well, so feel like buying another set from them will just give me the same issue? It's tempting to buy another set however... I agree, it looks like they are inside out, which again, was something I was confused about until I decided to do them the way I did, which to be honest, didn't end up that great, hehe. That's a very good point, since I'm missing the middle back window we decided to not continue with the other side glass since the inner moldings help keep the pressure on the side window and middle one at the same time. So hopefully that will help a little bit. I did buy the lower window frame from him and was thinking they're good to go, but they're just straight frames and are missing the attaching bits that should be on the frame? Or am I just not connecting the dots? I haven't tried installing anything so not sure about anything at this stage. Anyways, thank you all once again. Some invaluable knowledge on this forum.
  4. Hi Bob, Bought it from CARS ( who in turn get them from METRO Moulded Parts (image attached). But you're right, it doesn't feel like it moulds itself around the edge. It's obviously not completely hardened and around the glass where the curve isn't as extreme as one corner it fits fine. I used the reference image below as a guide. Been chasing and trying to get answers from them but no one seem to know what the problem is and say they never had this issue before. So maybe I just installed it wrong? Don't want to spend another $300 on new seals and make the same mistake. By the way. Thank you both for providing what I assume is the right answer for the mystery part! Because I'm not in the same country as the car I can't double check but I'm glad I finally have an answer. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Steve, That's amazing! Thank you for taking your time and helping me with the parts. Feel free to send a DM with the images or I can give you my email. As for your comments in bold (and bear with me since I live in London, UK and the car is in another country (Sweden) so I can't just go and double check stuff) ; Accessory button - I bought a button from a firm but it's only the button which sits on the dash panel. It has a rod but there is no way to make it stay in place unless I can attach it from the other side of the dash panel. Maybe there is a delete option that might be a better fit? Window channel - That might be correct, do you think it might be something to do with the lock mechanism? Or is it for electric windows? I have manual. Remeber there being glass shards inside the channel... Anyways I had to buy new doors so at one point had 4 doors, not sure which pair this came from. (Should have taken more pictures...) /Alex
  6. Hello, I recently bought backglass seal for the two small windows on the side. But the seal has a really bad fit. At first I thought it was the new windows which might be the wrong size, but after trying it on the original glass it still looks bad. I understand it could be the wrong seal (because there is another seal for 2dr Sedans) or installed in the wrong way. But if anyway could help explain what might be the problem I would be very grateful. Thanks / Alex PS. I've attached an image of a mystery part which the paint shop gave to me after they've assembled the car, anyone that can help identify what it is and where it goes? Thanks again.
  7. Hello, I've reached a critical stage in my restoration where I'm missing a few key parts. So I'm simply going to list a bunch of parts I'm looking for which you can also see in the attached images for clarification (bonus image of the car itself). Any help appreciated and the car is in Sweden (I live in London, UK) so would need the parts shipped to Europe. Thanks! /Alex Under the hood, the bar towards the front which holds the insulation in place - x1 Sunvisors - left and right Fuel door - in excellent condition, no pitting! Windshield Camomatic wiper arm base - no pitting / NOS Accessory button for dash with something holding it in place - don’t need the actual button Windshield trim clips Trim that goes across roof on the inside - x2 Headline trim pieces that sits along and above the window - 2 each side - passenger and driver Glove compartment contact/jamb for the light Driver side door lock mechanism - mainly the rods that connect to the door handle Rear middle window - clear glass - Century/Special only Washer jar pump - I have the lid 2 Door handles - 2dr HT 2 front seat trim - black or white - manual seats 1 Cigarette lighter - complete The top plastic ‘lid’ for the horn ring. I have the plastic that has the text, need the dome over it. 1 screw for inner tail light bezel. There are usually 3 in total on each side but I’m missing 1. 1 centre ventilation bracket, the one that sits below the dash and holds it up the on the passenger side. 2 Window channel - front door. 2 chromed door side window frames - bottom section Washer jar holder bracket
  8. Hi Steve, Don't know if you have found what you're looking for. I needed the same things and got in touch with John Kranitz He provided me with the bottom window frames for driver and passenger side. Hope that helps, Alex
  9. Hello, I'm restoring a Buick 1957 Century 2dr HT and have a few parts that I need to replace. So I'm looking for the following random parts in good condition: Passenger and driver side window frame, bottom bit only Front speaker grille that sits on top of dash Engine compartment ventilation hoses Engine compartment power brake hood that connect to firewall Battery tray - or can I use other GM cars for that? And probably a million other things that I don't know yet. Please bare in mind that I need the parts shipped to Sweden. Thanks for your help. Alex PS. For some reason I can't upload any pictures so if you need reference as to what I mean, please get in touch and I'll get pictures over to you.
  10. Hello, I'm looking for a complete dash for my Buick 1957 Century to send to restoration. Preferably in good condition, but most importantly complete. No need for radio or clock. Thank you, Alex