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  1. Thanks for the tip. One of the cans had oil added. This is my first attempt at re-charging AC. I hope I did enough. How can I add extra oil if needed?
  2. Yes that helped me very much. My system was dead empty. Jumping #1 and #4 at the relay got me started, but the compressor quit. I thought it might have seized, but it cycled as you described after I put the relay back in. It continued to cycle off and on until the refrigerant levels were high enough, then the compressor ran steady until I turned everything off after filling. Thanks for posting your experience.
  3. Just FYI on the Wd 40 front. It works very well for removing bugs too.
  4. I value threads like this, because it is very encouraging. The "read" on this site can become overwhelming when it's so much problem solving. Don't get me wrong, I value the tech info and thorough detail one can discover too, but I go through all that reading so I can get back on the road fast if something needs tweaking. My first journey in my second car involved a 600 mile trek right out of the gate, just to get it home. The fact that it has less than half the miles of number one, coupled with having made the same trip twice in the high mileage car without mechanical failure, ins
  5. I found a 1992 Riviera in an auto wreckers last week. Today I loaded up on anything on it that looked familiar, including the signal lever, underside of the armrest, glove box, original radio, switches, etc.etc. Put the signal lever on before driving home and enjoyed full functioning cruse control all the way home. Priceless!!!
  6. Watched the service video on Youtube where it talked about the front park lamp assembly removal. Put it up on ramps, but couldn't see all the screws. Wasn't too thrilled about working overhead loosing circulation in my arms, twisting around to see clearly, and a storm cloud was moving in, so did it my way. Did I mention my kidney stone I'm waiting to pass? With the car on ramps all the work was waist level. Funny how that works out. 89Redslate, I do believe that's the one I replaced. It still worked but the bulb looked dark from the inside, making that side look toothless, so had
  7. No I haven't shared the whole story. I don't want to say too much until the insurance issues are dealt with. In a nut shell, I avoided a head-on with another car. Other driver was charged with crossing a double center line. His insurance covering losses. Could take up to 2 years to define the damages. Yes, it is good to still be alive.
  8. Had a bulb out at each end, same side, so I started at the back before attempting the front park light. I figured out it was an easier job to remove the headlight (just the sealed beam) to access the bulb, rather than dropping the whole assembly out the bottom. Last week I pulled the seats and accessed the wires under both sides to check for the infamous corroded connections. Sure enough, had to redo four connections on passenger side. One of the biggest concerns that this resolved was the alarm going off when unlocking the doors using key or remote. Thanks to this website and the
  9. Black one is my first. It was an 88, that got wrecked (missed a lot). White one is its replacement. A 90 with a fraction of the miles, at thrice the price.
  10. Yup. Wishing I did have some of the pieces, but insurance company got it.
  11. After all that awesome help and advice, this happened. Starting a new thread to continue my tale of woe. The end
  12. Read and responded to DAVES89. I simply didn't know.
  13. Thanks Machiner 55 and KDirk. Yes, hard to lose the car indeed. Stuff can happen very quick. I was lucky, I'll be back though, if I find another Reatta.
  14. Just posting this as an example of the worst case scenario. This happened to me recently. I can't say too much at this time, just be care full out there. I wish that road safety wasn't degrading so bad.
  15. Well a couple of weeks later and the Reatta is about 2000 KM(1242 Mi.) older. Trip went fine. She's a little loose on the back end in bumpy corners, got to get rear struts before the next trek in May. Almost swapped ends on a bumpy bridge. Any one been through the Canadian Rockies in their Reatta? I documented both ways by a mounted camera, so I can share some of the world class scenery through my windshield. I took the Reatta up for a thorough post trip cleaning and got the new Avatar shot. Full size comparison below. Actually added the third. Like it better.
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