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  1. leaves are late this year , same old spot
  2. Leaves are late turning this year in N/E Ohio, Boomer needed his sunglasses for this shot
  3. Hello all, what is the purpose that some obscure their license plate in online photos and others do not? what can someone do with that online that someone cannot do seeing the car drive by or at a show?
  4. Leaves are not as colorful this year
  5. Does that include stage 1 cars with the larger fuel pump? This car is a documented stage 1 455 might there be a difference? There is a single vent up top with a wad of cotton in it, no charcoal canister, listings are confusing on this model....cap is under license plate, used to hold plate open, hard to forget, I believe it was the original cap, it was marked 'vented' can't seem to find anything like what I had even buickparts isn't sure on this application. Too bad there are thieving people everywhere or jealous children in adult bodies. Hopefully I will find something that works, thank you,
  6. Thank you everyone, my spare cap (used) is not vented, the tank is not ESC type, it has a vent with a little cotton swab in it, car starves for gas at about 2600 rpm and 55mph is top speed in fourth gear beyond that it backfires and stumbles, this began when I put spare cap on...hope problem is solved with proper cap, stolen cap was marked "vented" I assume it was proper, thank you rivnut, ordered from buickparts, hopefully all will be well again, thank you all again, Pat
  7. Sadly some jackass stole my fuel cap at a recent cruise in, while I was looking at other cars. I now am having trouble finding a proper vented cap like the one I had (original) can anyone tell me where I might find a suitable replacement? thank you...Pat
  8. 1970 GS stage 1 with 4 speed option
  9. What is a good tire size for general all around driving ? I am planning on buying 15x7 rims, is that the ideal rim dimension? Any knowledgeable advise is much appreciated, thanks, Pat
  10. GS1455

    70 GS stage 1

    Pictures from this year
  11. My 70 GS and Boomer, head of vehicle security...Pat not sure how to attach photo
  12. Brad, Thanks just the same, I was able to press the bushing out of the eye end of the eye bolt. It is a rubber bushing with a 3/8" i.d. metal sleeve and thin metal tapered sleeve on outside 7/8" o.d. x 1/2 " thickness.A bushing should be more findable than the whole piece, if I was good on a computer I would post a pic, sadly I grew up in the era of my 70' buick, no computer at all most my life, I do my best, Pat
  13. Thank you Ted, I looked at the corvette design in the ecklers site it is very similar, thanks for the leads
  14. Brad, I tried that number and the recording says it is west suburban medical center...could you check that number again?
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