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  1. Dennis Thanks for your interest. Give me a shout any time. Joe
  2. Hi every one. I had always wanted a brass car and about a year ago I bought one from a gentleman in Phoenix that had medical problems. I love unrestored things and this car was it for me. I did,t have a quality place to put the car but have a friend that put it in his museum until i could build a place for it and I could enjoy it. I am in the heavy steel fab contracting buss and I have not had a chance to look up for over two years and the future looks the same. He has sold the museum and I do not have time to build a place for it and it would be in jeopardy if i put it in the fab shop. I built a new home a couple of years ago and all I have is a covered but not enclosed garage . I would be glad to trade it for something I could enjoy. I love old bikes like Indian and Harley and I am good at fixing them up. I have a place at the shop to keep something that size. I love old Winchesters and Colts or old engines , old Tractors or trucks or autos that are not as fragile to the elements. The previous owner Drove the car a lot and said it started easy. The only things not original on it are the tail light and the mag. I was hoping to find them but haven,t. I love muscle car era stuff also. The tools are in the tool box along with the original side curtains for the top. If all this hobby means to you is money and trying to make a buck I probably would be a waste of time. I am mainly trying to find the car a great home and be treated fair. There are picts of the car on my previous postings and I can be reached at 928 241 1490 Thanks Joe
  3. Mercer09 I sent a message but can,t tell if you got it. I am very interested in the doctors car. Could you please send me details Thanks Joe
  4. Thanks every one I had wanted one of these for years and was surprised to see one come up in my area. I don,t know why but i just love unrestored things like this. I want to put it back to totally original.
  5. I got my first brass era car. It is an all original Maxwell AB. I need a rear tail light and a splitorf magneto to get it correct. From what I read the tail light is a maxwell #4 and the mag is a Splitdorf model H I posted on the Maxwell form also and put some good picts there. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe 928 241 1490
  6. I did.t want to lose my message while trying to upload photos so I am going to try again.
  7. Hi everyone. I just got my first early bars era car. Until now the oldest I have had was a 1926 Hupp coupe. I love unrestored original stuff and the AB is pretty close The seat bottom cushions have been recovered but the backs are original as is the top. The side lights are Maxwell #9 but the tail light is a Solar The mag is an update but I would like to find a splitdorf to put back on it. From what I can read I need a maxwell #4 taillight and a Splitdorf model H magneto. It has a flap valve hanging under the exhaust pipe that is accepted by a little handle in front of the seat and I was hoping someone could tell me what that is. I will post some picts and hope you enjoy . I just love to see old unrestored stuff. Any leads would be appreciated also Thanks for your time Joe
  8. I am looking for an unrestored or older restoration Runabout. If it has been sitting for awhile and not running I don,t mind as long as it is complete. I don,t have time for a major restoration. Thanks Joe
  9. Hi I am looking for a maxwell Runabout that I can work on and drive . I have always wanted a car from this era. Until now the oldest thing I have owned has been in the late twenties. I like cars that are old restorations or unrestored and complete. If it has not run in awhile no problem just don't have time for a major restoration. Thanks for your time Joe
  10. I have an all original 49 jeepster from Ca. that is 100 percent rust free and runs and drives. Top is original and needs replaced. I would like to trade for something early like a maxwell or the like that I could drive and mess with. Don,t need a show car. I like unrestored original. Also like old motor bikes like harley and Indian and 12 valve dodge cummins pickups. I can be reached at 928 241 1490 Thanks Joe
  11. Sorry to say the deal with my friend Doug did not go through. I was to take a nice running survivor as a part trade but the car was more like critically ill when I looked at it. The car is still on the market. Thanks Joe
  12. The car has been sold to a great friend of mine. He is in the steel fab buss. and we have done a lot of jobs together. His last name is Gardner and he has a collection of Gardner cars. and when he saw the Pierce he fell in love with it. But then it,s a Pierce , and what is not to love. I really enjoyed fixing the car and getting it running like a charm. I want to thank every one for there help like Ed, John at the Pierce parts and all others. The people in the society are as classy as the cars. I found me a 1946 Indian Chief that has never had a bolt turned and was in the hands of the original owners nephew. I can,t wait to get it running. Take car and Happy New year Joe
  13. I bought this car last spring and my wife and i were going to tour around in it. She passed away from cancer and I am going to sell it. It had a concourse quality restoration 25 years ago and has held up well. It is new mechanically from bumper to bumper and drives great. I advertised it in Hemmings at 88,500.00 and was going to put it on the Pierce society page but I could not get the message board to work. I am in North East Arizona and My # is 928 241 1490. If you are a Pierce member and truly interested in the car I will work with you on Price. I will take silver, gold, and I am also looking for a vintage motorcycle like an Indian or ?. Thanks for your time. Joe
  14. Suchan, Thans for the complements on the Hupp and I agree with you on all counts. I have always wanted an Indian but I am probably dreaming and the odds are long. I am looking for a nice enclosed trailer and if I get one it will take care of my storage problem. I just can,t bare to let the Hupp winter outside and I will do whatever I have to. I will attach a pict of the Pierce and hope you enjoy.
  15. I purchased a 1932 Pierce Arrow coupe and I don,t have quality storage for both cars but i still have room in there for a motorcycle. This is my first classic era car and I bought it last year from a forum member named William Bauder and it has been a great experience. Bill is extremely knowledgeable on Hupps and great to deal with. Thanks again Bill. I wanted a bigger faster car so I bought a Pierce and need to trade off the Hupmobile. It is a very dependable driver and my wife and I have driven it a lot. I am not an expert on grading these cars so I would have to class it as a maintained original with a modern paint job. The fender paint freckled from something in the paint when painted but is not a a metal problem and did not bother me as it is a driver. The chassis is in great shape and Bill did the brakes and bearings and it is very safe. All lights work and the interior is very presentable. I did not post a cash price as I would sooner trade and hope I am not in violation of forum rules. I have always wanted a 1940 era indian Chief motorcycle or maybe some other early motorcycle. I don,t expect to get a 100 point concourse Chief for the car but was hoping to find something complete and original that is running or would not take much to get running. My # is 928 241 1490 Thanks Joe
  16. I found this car on Craigslist yesterday evening and it is a little newer than I am looking for and and thought it might interest somebody here. I will try to figure out how to put it on here. It is a 36 RS coupe . I also had a guy send info on a 1929 4 door that is all original and it looks fantastic for an original. If it was a coupe I would be all over it. The only thing I noticed on it was it had a carter BB-1 of mid thirties vintage that is same as I have on my Hupp. I tried to load the ad on the 36 but can,t figure it out so if interested go to LA craigs and search 1936 packard rumble seat coupe Joe
  17. I am looking for an unrestored driver or older restored car. I have a Hupp Cabriolet coupe now i love to drive and hope to get a bigger car with an 8 in it. I would do a restoration on a complete car that has never been rusty or a car that has been sitting and needs mechanic work is not a problem as I do all of my own work. I grew up in the late sixties muscle car era and have just discovered what great machines these were. If I had the money I would have a building full of them. I love those Packards to. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated Thanks for your time Joe Hardin 928 241 1490
  18. I am looking for a car that is an unrestored driver or an older restoration as I plan to drive the car a lot. I don,t mind restoring a car that was never rusty and is complete . A car that has been sitting for years with mechanical problems does not bother me because I do all of my own mechanic work. Even though I can,t afford a number 1 concourse car i applaud all of you that do and hopefully someday. Thanks for your time Joe Hardin 928 241 1490
  19. Hi, My name is Joe Hardin and I live in North east Az. I have always been into late sixties muscle cars and when a 1968 hemi roadrunner went to a100k a few years ago I felt that people were putting a little to much value in a car that was basically a cheap mass produced rattle trap. Just my opinion please don,t shoot me. I lost interest in them and have not had a collector car in a few years. Since I was a kid I always wanted a coupe and a few months ago I bought a supper nice Driver quality Hupmobile A model cabriolet from a guy in Nj. He is one of the nicest guys I ever met and I love the car and drive the heck out of it. These cars are way more than I ever thought they were so now I am hooked. I would like to buy a bigger more powerful coupe that is an unrestored or lightly restored driver. I can,t afford the major blue chip cars and have to look towards a mid level car. I don,t mind mechanic work as I over hauled every thing from mack truck engines to 426 hemis. I would do a restoration on a worthy car that has never been rusty and is together and complete. I am in the metal fab buss, and have a full metal and wood shop. I always wanted to build a motor bike so I did. I built every thing from the wheels , frame, fenders , tank ,lights and so on from scratch. I will throw on a few picts and hope you enjoy. Thanks for a great site and thanks for your time. Joe 928 241 1490
  20. Avantey, I realt took a long look at the L series coupe on ebay and I just could not get a feel for that car. It looks to me like they took a quick shot of a super gloss base coat clear coat black and did the wheels. I would really have to see this car in person and crawl all over it before I could buy it. The Buick I was working on sold and congrats to Clay the owner. I think he is off to his next project. I had a message this mourning from an AACA member in NJ and he has a 1929 Hupp A with all the fancies on it. It has six wire wheels, rumble seat and is in supper nice condition. Brakes have just all been done and he sent picts of his work and it is outstanding. Price is very fair and I am going to buy it as it is a lot nicer car than i had planned on owning. My next faze is to get it from NJ to Az and it has been a long time since i have shipped a car across country. Any suggestions on the best and most reasonable priced way to do this would be great because I am out of this loop. This car most definitely needs to be in a closed carrier. Avantey your wife said you cant have em all and my wife said if I can have this one we can have some new flooring in the family room and the kitchen. OH well sounds like a hell of a compromise to me. Guess I better get my Knee pads out. Take care Joe
  21. Jon37, Thans for taking your time to help keep me out of trouble and i really appreciate your thoughts. I find it a shame that these great and luxurious cars have fallen out of grace with the collector but I guess i can benefit as in getting more car for the money. I called on the Hudson and they wanted 32 and I don,t think it is near as nice as the cars on line car that sold for 22. I am fascinated by that f head valve arrangement and the power it made. I am looking at a 1928 Buick master six 128" WB Country Club Coupe that is in nice shape and sits on its very nice original unrestored drive train and chassis. The body is an older restoration that is nice but never was concourse. It is almost to nice as i plan to drive whatever i buy a lot. It is on ebay at this time. Buick looks like it has a great following and I looked to see and there are a lot of parts available likes Bob,s automobilia. That engine is very nice to look at and I love the idea of overhead valves in 1928. I think this car can be owned in the upper teens. The guy that has it is supper nice and is very knowledgeable. He has it running great. Thanks again for your time Joe
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