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  1. Jon37, Thanks for the heads up and I saw that car. It looks to be an old restoration to me also. IT looks to be in a lacquer paint job from the looks of the cowl vent and the interior is quite worn, stained and faded. It went to 15,700 on ebay and they did not sell. I thought that was getting to be fair money for the car but I don,t know these cars as I have always been into late sixties muscle cars. would it be ok on the site for you to give me your thoughts on value. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello, I am looking for a mostly original or mildly restored car for a driver. I don,t mind mechanic work but please no rust. My hope is for a mostly original unrestored car and not a car that was ever brought back from a pile of parts. I can,t afford the rare classics like the packards and there are a little over kill to drive around a small town. I hope to find something like the big sixes or an 8 . Hudson super, Nash advanced, Buick master or the like. An older restoration that has passed it,s show prime would be fine to as I plan to drive this car a lot because I live in a very small town. I can be reached at 928 241 1490 Thanks for your time Joe Hardin
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