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  1. Hey John, I found a duel point synchronizer for your car... and about any other car with Duel points. What model it was, there were 2 different distributor versions for the 1928. In addition, I also bought the one listed for the Marmon as well. I thought it would work on more cars , but so far I have only narrowed it down to any others... (was told it worked on an Auburn / was listed on the ADC site). I was hoping it was a copy of one of the Delco ones listed in my Standard Auto-Electrician's Manual. Haven't confirmed that yet. Is was well constructed, laser etched, but over $30 for a piece of plastic. Well worth it if you have a Marmon.... I am looking for a list of distributors and the cars they fit / master list, maybe from a rebuilder. Part of the docs has it listed by car the other is by distributor #. Todd
  2. Or the occupants disappeared after the car was dumped off in the woods. Maybe we should look for Jimmy Hoffa near by. I heard of an old farm in New York that cars with occupants were pushed off into Lake Ontario from the 1930 on... No Cement shoes required. Why can't I stumble across an abandoned Duesenburg that was pushed off a hill in 1940, instead I just find old Landcruisers that died while hunting and rusted into the ground.
  3. So what are you taking? Parts, cars, car parts, parts cars??? I was there 2 years ago, it was nice during the day 50-60, but got down to 30 at night. What do you specialize in? FYI the SAEM I bought, they said they couldn't "find it, so must be sold" so they refunded my money, so I guess I'll be looking of one (1934 on) at Hershey. 323 620 2324 if you find one. Thanks, Todd
  4. Thanks, Closure is always good... "Hey I sold them all at Hershey for $20".......... "My wife left me, took the books and the dog, she left the cat and HER anniversary present, the tread mill..." "The MR2 club came to town and burned any book with a copy write date older then 1990.................." I PMed him anyway, I bought another Standard Auto Elect last night, so now I only have holes in 1927-1928 and 1934-1936. I want all from 1913 -1946. I have National Auto Service to fill in if I can't find them. Count down to Hershey....... anything special going on? Have you scheduled a rain free week for us? Todd
  5. There was one on ebay that sold for $390 this week, an Allen sold for about the same 2 months ago. Delco made a syncro tool. I have a # and drawing of it (2 actually), it would be nice to find one of those. You have done a few parts for Lincoln Ks, do you have one or were they for the same customer? Looks like you do nice work, we have a shop here locally (Nashville)that can rewind motors. I have all the old Delco, National, North East............. and about everything else. Todd Todd
  6. Yes, but the tool allows you to set then on the bench so as long as the gears line up you are all set from the beginning, Not all cars have duel pointers set up. Delco had their own version that the mechanics bought. I guess at that point in time it was cheaper then a timing light that not everyone had. You could set the engine set up to run without it having to run it. I have a 1936 + 1937 Lincoln K. Todd
  7. How did the synchronizing go? I have a Standard Auto Electrician's Manual that has Gardner and about every other car from 1913-1942... One of those Syncro tools sold on ebay a month ago for $550, I don't think it is worth it for an occasional use tool, if you have a shop maybe. It is a glorified test light.... with a dial. I have a T with a mother in-law seat, but the seat is attached to HER living room............. (It is a Speedster) Not many Gardners out there. Todd
  8. I love Ken's stuff... Or it broke down on the way in or out and they took what they could carry, oh wait it's a Pierce, they don't break down... Ran out of gas and they couldn't find it again. I know of people using Rolls Royce's to hunt in after they were 10-20 years old, they were just old cars. My friends 1911 Mitchel was grandpa's fishing car, it only left the barn to go fishing, it made it down to the backwood creek and back with its high clearance. They didn't have Jeeps yet. One of the Bugatti Royals was bought at a used car lot after WWII for $1200. During the gas rationing The Royal would have ran out of gas waiting in line to get more gas stamps. So I guess it is all relative some day they will say "you WHAT" to some car we ran into a tree for fun when it was a junker. 25 years ago we pulled the engine and axles out of a 1965 ford station wagon, (we rolled it over to get the axles) drug it to the dump on the roof after shooting it 500+ times. My friend about cried when I told him, he had been looking for some trim pieces to finish his off for years, I guess it was rare(???). Now these kids are "restoring" 1990 MR2's........... Todd
  9. I agree it is a cool picture, but the picture wasn't mine, if I had taken it there would be less parts on it..... most parts would fit my 1929 Pierce Arrow. A friend (Randy Brooks) of mine always told me of a Pierce that was parked in a field, (same condition but 90 degrees different) he found it deer hunting outside of the north gate of Yosemite National part where he grew up. For years I heard that story, another friend (Paul, one of our three Amigos) went out with him to find it. Sure enough they found where it WAS........... with fresh tire tracks where the trailer had just hauled it off less then a week before (hard rained the week before). Life's Lesson: don't wait for someone else to haul off your prize, make time to claim it yourself. I have no idea what happened to it, if it was parted or restored. Todd
  10. When you have enough money you can do anything. If JB said restore it, you just asked what color. There was a guy in the HCCA Orange County, Ca. who built an early Packard from scratch, because there was none left, he just wanted to drive one, but he owned 1/2 of Irvine... There are a few good parts, and none of the original rings I have found have been in one piece or remained in one piece with screws applied. Model B, that explains why the head "fell off",,, higher compression........ some Pierce guy has been pilfering it when the Ranger wasn't looking. Todd
  11. Hey you were looking for info on a 1930 Pontiac 6-30 six, 6 cyl and thought you could use this, I have wiring books and about everything else auto related back to 1900, US and some foreign..... I also looked it up in my National Auto Service book... it breaks if down by serial # for 1930 having 2 options. Let me know your serial # I can find it, scan it, clean it up and send to you. Most all of these old books are yellowed and have to be scanned a certain way and photo shopped, to clean it up, as I have done with the attachment. They are not this clean and readable. Print a few of them keep one in your file cabinet and one in the car. I am putting a website together AutoInfo.Info that these will some day be on, but have to many of my own cars to be done right now to have extra time... Good Luck Todd Abraham
  12. ______________________________ I am glad to see another generation is hopefully getting into OLD cars, I laugh when people say "I am restoring" and 1990 MR2....... I also knew a friend that had a 1904 Rambler and I guess still do. Tom Mueller had one he had almost restored... He had finished the mechanicals and hand built the radiator before I was born and it sat... waiting for paint and upholstery for the whole time I knew him. I talked to him about it and was going to offer to finish it for him, but he died suddenly, it was sold to another club member who hasn't even dusted it in 3 years... I had a painter lined up and I do hand stuffed horse hair tufted upholstery. He didn't have any patterns, but it is similar enough patterns in my collection to make it look like new, I am also a trained pattern maker. I scaled and made a pattern for my Model T speedster off of a picture. It would have been nice to see it finished. If you need any kind of technical info let me know. I have a room full of books and my interest is in early stuff up to WWII, but have much beyond that. I have an electrical technicians book 1913 -1926 with all American cars and every auto electrical component in it by make and application. Others years beyond that in different forms and publishers, Interchange manuals, Gates, Gilmore belt books1912-1990, National auto parts books, Autolite ref books and how to rebuild generators. My oldest book is from 1906's describing how to repair "The Automobile". I would like to eventually scanned it all and make it available to people online to aid in restoration and for instant (beside the car) access for judged at shows. But I am not Jay Leno and have to work for a living, not that he doesn't..... I met Jay and he showed me his collection. Dave, the 1913 Rambler owner, needs a tail light for the car, the pictures from the sales brochure are not so good. I did a little research and found a line drawing in a hardware book from 1913 that I had. I can see if I can figure out how to attach it. It is A BALL tail light similar to my 1928 Cadillac Coupe. Nice chatting with you Todd Abraham
  13. Sorry it looks like I am 10 years to late. I have ridden in one on tours and were able to pass about any car on the road. But in case anyone else would like to know. YES the quality rivals or surpasses Cadillacs of the same year. There is one exception Ramblers don't have to have a piece of plywood mounted on the inside of the hood to deflect the spark plugs when they pop out going up a hill. (worn spark plugs threads are not deep enough for the pressure). LOL. 1911 Ramblers outsold Cadillacs by a large margin, 1912, the year of electrics,s,s, for Cadillac, they took most of the sales gained in 1911. By 1913 Rambler had all the same equipment though implemented differently from Cadillac. They had stepped up to the challenge and even included a full spare, mounted wheel.... I am restoring one (4500 mile car) for a friend and the engineering and materials used were the best that could be had at the time. Starting on the Upholstery today, diamond tufted leather with horsehair. Top, side curtains....... Will update with pictures as the project continues if people reply with interest. I have Auto Electric books from 1914 that give a complete rebuild instruction for the USL electrical system which was used in Kissels and Nelsons...?? and wiring diagrams 1912 -1942. bye for now, Old car guy.
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