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  1. what I really need is tail light assemblies and back window trim(chrome) outside.
  2. looks identical to my 1938. has no emboss on tailgate?
  3. I need the center grill for my 1938 dodge pick up
  4. I have one of those hubcaps. rpvought@gmail.com or2699633318
  5. I need the center bar that goes down through the middle and parts to hold the lenses in. Robert vought. rpvought@gmail.com or 2699633318/2699862931
  6. actually I have 5 16 inch stock rims to fit your truck. I will get up off 1 for sure. Robert Vought ,rpvought@gmail.com or 2699633318
  7. I have a 38 dodge pick up .I'm trying to put the headlights together but just can't figure it out .I must have missing pieces ,I have inner dishes,with nothing to hold them in but curled toward the front clips.(3 of them),and lenses. could you enlighten me in any way? Robert Vought 2699633318 or 2699862931
  8. would you happen to have any 41 dodge coupe parts. chrome trim ring for back window and tail light assemblies.
  9. I have a complete 6 cly. with a fluid drive transmission attached from my 41 dodge business coupe, and a three speed manual transmission with bell housing for a 40 Desoto for sale. contact at rpvought@gmail.com or 2699633318.
  10. still searching for chrome trim ring for back window on my 41 dodge 3 window coupe. also hoping to find passenger side tail light assembly.
  11. I need the center section for the split grill. A series of bars extending from top to bottom. Outside bars get shorter at bottom sections.
  12. I need the chrome trim ring for the back window on my 1941 dodge 3 window business coupe
  13. I need back window chrome trim for my 1941 dodge 3 window coupe .
  14. all the help was great. I'm all hooked up and adjusted with my linkage. thanks a lot . rpvought
  15. this pic is great thank you very much.I see two h shaped pieces coming from pin on side of trans, I only have one.looks like I'll have to fabricate one,thanks again.
  16. great pics,but what I really need is a picture of the linkage hook up from the attached rod from bottom of handle back to where it hooks up to two plates that pull down on spring loaded rod. side view. thank you.
  17. I have a half ton stock pick up. I believe its the smaller cube six,with a 3 speed gear box
  18. I need the chrome trim that fits the rear window of my 41 dodge 3 window coupe
  19. I need to find a diagram on how to hook my hand brake linkage up to the side of my manual 3 speed gear box that puts the brake to the driveshaft.
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