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  1. I sure don't. Those two items were the only things left from the project I did. Sorry, I haven't checked my mail lately.
  2. Spare exhaust / intake combo set. In great shape. It fits the BDL series of engines. This one was leftover from a project I did. Long since gone. Just cleaning up around the barn. I also have a HydroVac Unit for these year models. Asking for offers on all of it. I live just outside Chattanooga TN.
  3. This is a good trans out of a Ford Truck from the 50's or 60's. I bought it for my daughters 1961 Galaxie and sold the car before installing it. It's a short Tailshaft model. Has a 10-spline input shaft. Has a multiple hole bolt up for different bellhousings. Asking $300. I live just outside Chattanooga TN.
  4. Stock. Out of our 1941 Buick Straight 8. Used as template at Walker Radiator to start making radiators for these big cars. In really good shape for a radiator of its age. I live just outside Chattanooga TN. I don't mind shipping it for you - just pay me the shipping costs. I have PayPal. Wade.
  5. I have a nice set of outside window trim for a 1941 Buick Super. 4-door model. Used to own one and now don't. New owner didn't want these. I'm asking $150 for the set. You can always make me an offer. Thanks.
  6. Well, I didn't cover all the bases did I? I thought that the prefix of either For Sale or Want to Buy took care of that point, but I didn't put all of what I see you require for posting. I'll take care of that. Thanks.
  7. I have a 1959 Lincoln Premier with a 430 engine. The exhaust manifolds were stolen from inside the car before I picked it up after buying it. I need a good set reasonably priced please. I know can buy these reproduction, but just can't afford them. I want to re-install the engine and trans and need the exhaust manifolds. Only Lincoln fits I think. Due to the closeness of the frame to the manifolds. BTW, I would sell the car as is. I'm asking $5000 or best reasonable offer. You can contact me thru my email at wades@mountainmanmotors.com Thanks.
  8. I have a 1936 Pontiac Sport Coupe 3 window. Need the two grille pieces that are on either side of the waterfall grille section.
  9. I have a straight and solid car in good condition. Paint has some patina. Engine and Trans are currently removed. The engine has had new gaskets installed. Car has 66k miles. Interior is in great condition with exception of the drivers side front carpet which has some damage. Seats are good, headliner is good, has a new set of tires on it. I got the car with the engine and trans removed. There are some parts in the trunk of the car and I know that it will need a set of exhaust manifolds. I would buy a set of exhaust manifolds from someone and re-install the engine and trans and drive this car. Asking $5000. Or best offer. Contact me for more info and pics. wades@mountainmanmotors.com
  10. I have a 1950 Cadillac Limo. Has good grille and front bumper. Does not have original engine and trans. Currently has a later model 500 engine and 400 turbo trans. Is straight and solid. Has original back seat and foot rest for passengers. Original seats, instruments, etc. Has the original jacking instruction placard on the trunk lid. Has a vintage 1950 License Plate with it. Asking $5500 or best offer. Contact me via my email for pics and more info. wades@mountainmanmotors.com Year 1950 Make Cadillac Model Fleetwood Limo Price $5500 Description see above Location (City, State, Country) Pikeville, TN, USA Contact Information (Name, Email and Phone) Wade, email above, 423-314-5371.
  11. She needs one. Hers is locked up. The gears - 1st, 2nd, 3rd all work fine. I have checked the electrics, linkage, etc. before I decided the gears are just not shifting. It would be just as easy for me to replace it (and probably less costly) than to remove it and try to fix it since I am not a transmission man. She uses this car for daily transportation, so removing it and sending it off just wouldn't work for her. Thanks. If you have an extra one just lying around, please contact me. Email me with what you have. I live near Chattanooga TN. wades@mountainmanmotors.com
  12. In the same box that I found the Rambler Ambassador hubcaps wrapped in newspaper, I found a pair of Parklane emblems. I believe they are for the Mercury "Nomad" look a like that was made in 1956. Correct me if wrong. Asking $120 for the pair. I can send pics to an email. Send me an email to wades@mountainmanmotors.com.
  13. I have two 1965 Rambler Ambassador Hub Caps for Sale. $100 for the pair. I have pics of them that I can send to you if you send me an email at wades@mountainmanmotors.com. Thanks.
  14. Thanks so much. It turns out I was able to cross reference the number thru a parts website and found the application. I don't have a need for such late model stuff and needed a distributor for a Cadillac and was hoping this one would fit. But, no dice. Fits a bunch of V-6s from Buick Olds and Pontiac. But, no Cad. Thanks to everyone who replied.
  15. Greetings to all. I have a later model distributor - probably out of a six cylinder Chevy, but don't really know. Here are the numbers on the distributor. "0H21" or "OH21", not sure if it's a zero or the letter "oh". And the numbers "1111386". Thanks for any help here. Wade.
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