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  1. So Gary W, What do you plan to do about the Belleville washers for your manifolds? Do you have a source and if so what size are you going to use (the 3 dimensions)? Thanks, Dave
  2. Thanks Dave, I saw your post some time ago but was concerned about the thickness. But since you aren't having any problems with them I give them a try if I can't find something thicker. Regards, Dave
  3. Bob's now has these Belleville washers that are 1 3/16" OD, 1/2" ID and 1/4" thick. The 1 3/16" turned out to be too large in diameter for my 248 manifolds. I think what I need is 1" OD, 3/8" ID and 1/4" thick. Anyone have a source for such a size? Thanks
  4. You take some great pictures! That explains it, the brackets are attached to the radiator. Mine were not. The radiator is back in as of this morning and I just put the brackets where they were. They don't line up vertically real well with the radiator so I think they would have added a lot of angst to get the 4 side bracket bolts and these two to all line up vertically and horizontally. Had a bit of a time doing it without the brackets attached as I had the radiator re cored. Don't see much advantage for the brackets as the 4 bolts hold the radiator quite well. What do you think? Thanks a
  5. GaryW, Awesome photos, thanks. You are doing an amazing job with the car. My car didn't have the piece of windlace or whatever it is called across the top of the nose cone. Will have to look at it closer tomorrow. OK, the first photo where you have the wrench and screwdriver removing the bracket, that is exactly the bracket I am referring to. I think I found out today that that bracket should be brazed to the top tank and to remove the radiator you would have to remove the bolt and nut to release the bracket (radiator). There are 3 pimples on the top of the radiator that seem to line up w
  6. Anyone out there ever had to replace the bushings for the support bracket for the brake and clutch pedal rods on their 37? Mine are so worn the brake rod is hanging up on the sheet medal of the firewall. Thank you, Dave
  7. GaryW, Can you just type one letter in response to this message if you respond to my last? Forgot to hit the notify button. Thanks.
  8. GaryW, Great photos. I happen to have my hood off now for water pump, intake and exhaust manifold work among other things. I have a question you might be able to help me with. On the outside of the two hook shaped brackets that hold the hood support rods in place above the radiator there are two brackets (one on each side) that are (one is) visible in your 4th picture just above the Lockport, NY embossing on the upper tank. You can see the nut that holds the bracket and rearmost portion of the bracket. It seems there should be some sort of pad or cushion type attachment to the front botto
  9. Very nice Larry. Much appreciate the clear closeup photos. I have a Stromberg but not a huge difference. Thanks for your time and assistance. Nice looking engine.
  10. Are there any other members that could send me left side engine photos of their 37 Special? The whole left side of the engine? Did get 3 off the net from Tinindian. Would greatly appreciate it.
  11. Tinindian, Thank you. I have only seen one. The first one. Appreciate your help. The second one is exactly what I need. Third one is good too. Regards, 37 BS
  12. Is anyone out there that can direct me to some good closeup photos of a 37 Special engine, especially the left side. Seem the right side is very popular. Thanks for any help.
  13. Can anyone direct me to some clear closeup photos of a 37 Special engine? Especially the left side. Seems the right side is very popular. Thanks for any help.
  14. Thank you gentlemen, very helpful. The torque Tube turned out to be more info than I expected. Found some more information I needed. Again, very much appreciate the assistance.
  15. Thanks again dibarlaw. Seems like most photos don't show where the heater hose strap is actually anchored. Funny thing, that link for the 37 Buick was the runner up when I finally bought mine. It might have been a better choice but no going back. But it had radials, 12 v system and no cowl tag. Mine was attached to the bolt holding the small box like cover just ahead of the oil filler cap. Not sure what that is. D.
  16. dibarlaw, Thanks! I did some searching on the forum but didn't come up with a lot. Will look some more. Your engine looks very similar to mine. No radiator, water pump, thermostat, bypass, etc. Also have my generator and intake and exhaust etc out. Could you send me a photo or two (fairly close up) of the right side of the motor? I see you have your heater hose strap secured to the center acorn on the valve cover. Is this correct? Thanks again. D.
  17. Can anyone point me to some good close up photos of a 37 248 engine so I know where everything goes and what it should look like? Thank you for any help.
  18. Gary, You are about the same degree of newbie as I am. 4 months for me. A tough car to work on for sure but as you say shop manuals, internet, this forum and a friend sure helps a lot. Thanks and regards, Dave
  19. You guys are First Class, especially you Gary W for posting all the photos. Picture is worth a 1000 words. You all make dealing with this Buick (for a newbie Buick owner) much less stressful. Guess I had better be sure it is the sending unit before I go to all the trouble and huge effort to pull the tank. Thanks again!
  20. Any folks out there that can provide me with info on how to remove a sending unit from a gas tank on a Special? Greatly appreciate any information. Dave
  21. Thank you both for the information. I was afraid of the process. Do I love my Ford or what, so easy to remove that one and you are right they are heavy! Am familiar with the hood retaining nut (just removed my hood) but didn't know they were one and the same. Thanks again Don and LVD. Dave
  22. Can any folks out there give some tips on how to remove a 37 Special radio? There is a strap with wing nut on the back of the power unit but that is all I can see as far as support. I see what looks like a control head up against the dash and between the dash and power supply unit (that has the strap on the back). Thanks for any advice.
  23. Robin, Thanks much for the information. I will definitely follow up on this. Much appreciated, Dave
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