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  1. 37 - 44 and Mc you are both right. Manifold studs were cut. Was able to find a manifold out here in California. Bob's had one. Was quite surprised. So cleaning it up and painting it for installation. Dave T. didn't have one. Thank you all for your invaluable advice. D.
  2. Well, one thing after another. Looks like I need to locate an intake manifold for a 37 with vacuum starter port. If anyone has a line on one please let me know. I checked with Dave and he does not have one but will be on the lookout for one. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  3. Thank you all. Clear now. For sure the studs have been ground off. Much appreciate you all for your help. Dave Tacheny it is. Yes, I did not secure the back part of the switch as I suspected it was coming off again. With this car it is 2 steps forward and 1 1/2 back. 😵 Thanks again.
  4. Thank you Matt, Dave and Carl. It is not clear to me regarding your explanation of the issue with my manifold. When you say they cut the studs off. Here are a couple of photos to make the starter switch a little clearer. It seems to be the same as your manifold Carl if I am looking at the right place. Agreed, if need be I would go for a manifold replacement. You are saying that I could not replace the Cold Idle Control Thermostat with a correct one with this manifold? Thank you, Dave
  5. Thank you gentlemen. Unfortunately I did not take good photos when I dissembled the carb and manifold from the engine. #1 mistake. But it is the same manifold and I sent the carb out for a rebuild so I would assume that it came back the same way. But maybe not. I guess now I have to take the fast idle cam back to original. Much appreciated.
  6. Would anyone have images of their 37 motor with a Stromberg carburator attached? Specifically I am looking for the left side of the carb. I had mine rebuilt and now have an issue or two. Things aren't lining up. The Adjust Stop Screw does not line up with the the Cold Idle Control Cam. The cam is a bit loose and there is a washer behind it but I believe it has to be loose. Thank you for any pointers. Dave
  7. Gary, Sorry to hear of your carb issue. Amazing to find an NOS carburetor. I would agree with Matthew. Too long for a carb to site unused. I have sent a number of carburetors (Chevrolet, Ford and Buick) out for rebuilt to a business in Florida. They come back just super. You may have heard of them. Daytona Auto Parts. I would highly recommend them if you need a rebuild. Good turnaround time as well. https://daytonaparts.com/ Best, Dave
  8. Carl, Gary, All good now. I know which trashed wire goes were for now. Appreciate your time. Dave
  9. Carl, No need to apologize. I appreciate your response. Yea, you are right for sure about marking them or taking pictures like Gary did. I was a bit hasty but did use some masking tape for clarification...but it is no longer readable. Project is progressing much slower than anticipated. So I will use you and Gary's suggestions. Thanks, Dave
  10. Once again, thank you Gary. Much appreciate your response. I do have new harnesses from the same vendor where you purchased yours. I just want to get the car running again prior to doing the wiring. I will use your suggestion with the 9 volt. Thanks again! Dave
  11. Carl, Thank you very much for the clear photo. I did find an original manual in the trunk. As you see from the photo the two wires come out of a loom and are so old there are no markings on them. The connectors are different though. That was the reason for my question. So I can't tell which wire goes on which side of the switch. One connector is towards the bottom of the photo and the other to the right of the masking tape. Thanks for all your help. Dave
  12. Thank you Carl. I was trying to determine which wire goes to which terminal on the switch. They are shot as far as any color coding. Understood on the linkage. Thanks for the links, I really appreciate that, should be helpful. Best, Dave
  13. Gary, I can't tell of which connectors is which at the end of the wires where they connect to the switch. The photos are a bit blurry. Could you by chance take some more (and advise of the connectors) and of the outboard side of the carburetor. After I sent the carb out for a rebuild two things don't line up. The threaded adjustment screw (don't tech name of these parts) and the butterfly like piece with the slot in it. There is a washer behind it that could be removed but that still would not be enough to compensate fof the offset. Thank you for your help, Dave