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  1. Started disassembly of the generator today. I'm pretty sure it is an older vintage than what belongs on the car. It has just a bushing on the rear instead of a bearing and has obviously been "rebuilt" before. I'm not happy about that but maybe there's something to appreciate about it being the same generator that was in the car when dad was driving it at 16. (Edit--After reviewing the service manual, it appears that the generator should have a bushing on the communicator end. Not sure why I thought it should have a bearing.)
  2. Lance, I honestly cannot tell by looking at my old straps. They may have been painted black, but portions appear to have not been painted, like the bent engagement hooks at the ends. I would say that if any came with paint, that paint was applied over a plating.
  3. Can anyone help me with an image or description of how the fuel line and, what I assume is a return line, should attach to the tank. This image shows what I took off the car a few years ago. The line in my hand came off the tank. The longer line to the left ran along the passenger side of the car (supply). The line to the right ran along the driver side (return?). The T-fitting doesn't allow any flow from the return line, so I don't see the point. Minus the filter, is this the stock setup?
  4. More good news. The brakes finally work! I had a package sitting at my front door this morning with the master cylinder shaft boot. I installed the master cylinder and bled the brakes with the help of my teenagers. The Buick now has a newer and cleaner brake system than my daily driver.
  5. The straps, rubber strips, and bolts came from CARS. It said they fit multiple years and came pre-bent do a shallower tank but were the correct length overall. They appear to be zinc plated. Here they see next to the originals.
  6. It fits perfectly. The only problem I had were the replacement j-bolts that came with the new straps were about 2" short. Since I broke the originals when I removed the old tank I didn't have anything to compare them to.
  7. I had set up a Google alert for reproduction 57 Buick fuel tank. It finally popped up. I bought mine from Fusick Automotive, but it looks like CARS is offering them too. I don't see any in stainless yet.
  8. The '58 tank looks like the same basic tank except it has the sending unit located near the axle. This one matches what I took out of the car though.
  9. Oh, this happened today too. I removed and completely rebuilt the master cylinder finally.
  10. Maybe not last on the list after all.. The new fuel tank arrived yesterday! I can't install it yet because I'm still waiting for the sending unit and some other parts. It seems like it was done well but my memory only had the rusted dented original for comparison.
  11. Nice! I had been checking the internet every few months and must have missed that one. http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?products_id=12475
  12. Can't find if someone else had mentioned this already since many others have been looking for the same thing.. I just ordered a brand new fuel tank from Fusick Automotive. http://www.fusickautomotiveproducts.com/prodinfo.asp?number=FT570B I'll provide details once it arrives. I've been waiting for someone to reproduce this fuel tank since my original tank was complete toast!
  13. Hi Art. I bought most of my 57 engine parts from Russ at Centerville Auto. I don't know how his parts stack up price-wise to other vendors but he is a nailhead expert that has posted so much info for free that I would never know without him that I feel obligated to support him. www.nailheadbuick.com
  14. I wish I had a gas tank but it is last on the list right now! Pretty sure it is out of the way of the exhaust when installed though. The bar may be bent. I noticed that too but hadn't started research yet on the topic.