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  1. I love this piece of trim. The whole car just drips with class.
  2. It was by luck that I got a “RAT” plate! Fun fact- New Mexico’s license plates are the only ones that specify “USA”.
  3. The kids and I acquired premium passes to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and drove there yesterday at 5:00 in the morning to get a parking spot right up front. One of the Ballon Fiesta Board of Directors wants to find a way to incorporate the car into the festivities for next year. The attitude and color combo are just perfect to represent Albuquerque. I repaired the top mechanism and hydraulics, so I just need to install the new vinyl top. I’ll send the radio, clock, wiper motor, and speedometer out this winter for rebuild. I sent a set of used ball joints in to get remanufactured too (thanks Lance). The clunking of the current set does get annoying. It will be ready for next year!
  4. I just purchased new fuel line from NAPA. I'm assuming the stuff they sell now handles ethynol **shrug** Seems to be working well.
  5. I took the original video of Dad's first drive down, did a bunch of editing to make it better, and to capture more info and process photos. I'm just re-linking it to this thread. https://youtu.be/vfGqwJEv_0E Thanks for all the help again, guys.
  6. I just dug this out of storage, washed it, and took this photo for my sister who was working on a painting for my dad. It was on the Roadmaster when I brought it to NM. Last KS plate it wore before it became New Mexican.
  7. You have two helpers lined up for the brake bleeding? That tiny fluid reservoir need a watchful eye too!
  8. Looks like you created some more "luck" for yourself after the initial amout ran out!
  9. Since it made it back on the road this year, I've logged 1,600 miles on the Roadmaster! The speedometer doesn't work yet, so I always use an app to track the speed. I noticed today it logged each trip. The car makes everyone smile when it is seen around town. I usually drive it down to the Rio Grande and head south. It is a slow drive along the river, lined with trees. I had no idea it had racked up that many miles.
  10. Leona just wants me to put her air conditioner back together. It's on the list.
  11. My best guess would be part number 117006PFK23
  12. My Roadmaster has it too, though I didn't know what it was for until now. Thanks!
  13. I wouldn't know! Mine still uses my phone speedometer and the cable is unattached because it was so noisy. If I had my choice, I'd pick leading edge since it is closer to the lower marks.
  14. That's pretty! Are there easy ways to check accuracy before reinstalling? I'm thinking of having something turn the input shaft at a certain rate and comparing the readout speed. I would be petty bugged to fix one and reinstall only to have it be wrong.
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