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  1. I took the original video of Dad's first drive down, did a bunch of editing to make it better, and to capture more info and process photos. I'm just re-linking it to this thread. https://youtu.be/vfGqwJEv_0E Thanks for all the help again, guys.
  2. I just dug this out of storage, washed it, and took this photo for my sister who was working on a painting for my dad. It was on the Roadmaster when I brought it to NM. Last KS plate it wore before it became New Mexican.
  3. You have two helpers lined up for the brake bleeding? That tiny fluid reservoir need a watchful eye too!
  4. Looks like you created some more "luck" for yourself after the initial amout ran out!
  5. Since it made it back on the road this year, I've logged 1,600 miles on the Roadmaster! The speedometer doesn't work yet, so I always use an app to track the speed. I noticed today it logged each trip. The car makes everyone smile when it is seen around town. I usually drive it down to the Rio Grande and head south. It is a slow drive along the river, lined with trees. I had no idea it had racked up that many miles.
  6. Leona just wants me to put her air conditioner back together. It's on the list.
  7. My best guess would be part number 117006PFK23
  8. My Roadmaster has it too, though I didn't know what it was for until now. Thanks!
  9. I wouldn't know! Mine still uses my phone speedometer and the cable is unattached because it was so noisy. If I had my choice, I'd pick leading edge since it is closer to the lower marks.
  10. That's pretty! Are there easy ways to check accuracy before reinstalling? I'm thinking of having something turn the input shaft at a certain rate and comparing the readout speed. I would be petty bugged to fix one and reinstall only to have it be wrong.
  11. Have you seen the 1957 paint configurator that lets you get an idea of how the colors will look? Nice choices! https://www.hometownbuick.com/content/configurator/1957/46r/index/
  12. I can't help but think that Dad may have some rose-colored memories too. The only other car he drove back then was a 1952 Chevrolet. The Roadmaster may have been a relative hot rod. Today, even my anemic 2009 Civic has more respectable acceleration numbers. I've read that a vehicle loses 3-4% hp for every 1000 ft of elevation. So the 300hp sea level rating could be only 228hp. I don't know if that accounts for only the reduced air density or also the increasingly-rich fuel-air mix. Some local old timers told me it was common for mechanics to increase the initial timing on new cars in Albuquerque to help address the power loss. Since the air is thinner, it reduces the cylinder compression, which reduces predetonation. That allows for initial timing to be increased 1 degree per 1,000 ft elevation without causing pinging. I'll continue to work on tuning. Ordered electronic ignition yesterday and may look into some smaller main jets but the car runs extremely well and my inclination is too leave well enough alone.
  13. Yes, it wasn't for the first week but it was just a linkage adjustment.
  14. Results are not impressive. The vacuum advance is now working but it only affects timing at partial throttle for fuel efficiency. Only the mechanical advance helps with wide open throttle conditions. Anyone know what the 0-60 times should be for this car at 6,000' elevation? Right now I think it runs about 14 seconds in Drive.
  15. Since getting the Roadmaster running, my heart told me it wasn't living up to its acceleration potential. Having no experience with how it should run and knowing that the dynaflow was built for smoothness, not acceleration, I was just happy it ran well. Then, Dad finally drove it and told me I should try premium gas because it had a lot more pep when he was 16. I AM running premium gas! I had a feeling something was wrong with the timing advance. The timing light showed that the timing would advance when revved but it didn't seem like enough. Today I pulled the distributor and vacuum line to the carb. Since this was a complete replacement for the original damaged distributor, I thought the vacuum mechanism was maybe clogged or punctured. Actually, it was the screw that secures the condenser. I don't know the history of this screw, but it was just long enough that it locked the advance plate to the distributor body. I shortened the screw and will take it out for a test drive tonight once reassembled.
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