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  1. True, but my teenage children are already arguing over which one eventually gets the car. Wouldn't it just be easier if I had one for each? It is good to know another Lance-brand 57 Roadmaster will have a home with someone who appreciates it. Thanks for the inspiration!
  2. I'm starting to feel like I should only buy old Buicks that Lance owned first. It is always a treat to watch the meticulous care put into getting these cars back in good order.
  3. I had no idea it was even an option! I may have to go that route later. I got the front tire mounted and bolted up after work. The excitement is building!
  4. These are the 2.5". They were the closest I could find to matching the old Firestone that was on the car. They were the exact tires that old-tank recommended.
  5. Holy moly! That had to have been terrifying. I'm unsure how a car would react in that situation. Nothing looks that rotted, they just aren't nice enough to want to keep when I eventually move beyond the "get it roadworthy" stage. The tires came in today and I'll be doing what I can in the evenings to get the other two rims cleaned up and painted. The tires are perfect! Once I put the sweepspear back to its original green the rims and sweepspear will tie well together.
  6. It took an aggressive combination of sandblasting, electrolysis, wire wheel, and welder this weekend but I made it halfway there. Two of the rims are fully cleaned and painted tonight. These two were in the worst shape rust-wise and I patched over the valve stem holes. I'll drill new holes elsewhere along the rim. Keep in mind everyone that the goal is to get it driving. I'll likely replace these rims in the future.
  7. A fifth for the spare would be ideal. I didn't think of that. The 5th rim I have now is narrower, like off a Special for some reason.
  8. Two of my 4 rims are rusted badly on the inside. Since I'll be putting in the effort to sandblast and paint before mounting new tires, I am looking to find two replacement rims. These are the 6" width rims.
  9. They didn't have the right size of Firestone. I ordered the BF Goodrich tires. Thanks guys! The Roadmaster is going to look extra classy.
  10. One of the old tires I removed was a Firestone. The car had a mix of wide whitewall tires but that Firestone seemed to look the best on the Buick. It had the piecrust edging and I was looking for something similar. The tire you showed looks just about perfect. I anticipate having the car driving before the end of the year, so they won't have to wait around too long.
  11. Yep, I saw the nut and the manual's reference to a special tool and thought it was a good time to take a break. I've learned over the years that the effort expended to avoid removing in-the-way parts is not often worth itself. I'll take another look at the master cylinder this weekend. In the meantime what tires should I buy? I'm leaning toward the Firestone Bias Ply ,Zig Zag Tread,Whitewall from Coker. https://www.cokertire.com/tires/firestone-bias-ply-whitewall-firezigzagww.html Any comment from the experts?
  12. I haven't yet. I'll take photos and share when I turn my attention back to the engine. It is the stamped steel eccentric that the camshaft gear bolt goes through. Sunday I finished up the rear brakes. Once I get the correct piece of brake tube in place everything beyond the master cylinder will be good. I stopped short of pulling the master cylinder this weekend because I'm pretty sure I'll need to remove the steering column first which makes me not happy. Spent a few hours just cleaning and re-organizing the shop at the end of the day. Brake work makes a large mess!