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  1. Car Sold and Delivered To a multiTC owner who loves the car and is 100 % satisfied with the way the car was represented. Thanks to all that stopped by. Robert
  2. Hey my friend, Thanks for the kind words, dealing with you was also a pleasant and fruitful experience. I can say I would look at that big chrome or polished hard line that enters the back of the cam cover as I had been able to reduce the idle speed by wrapping a shop towel around it. If it is false air getting in and not any other systems, it is unmetered air only at idle and should not have too big an effect off idle. But I would still check the O2 sensor readings to rule out a lean condition off idle. I wrangled that car until 1995 when I moved to Florida for a new f
  3. Well Guys ! It's May and the perfect time to buy a Beautiful TC by Maserati to love and enjoy. This car has been display in images that can be found earlier in this forum to see. An original un-molested one owner survivor. They are that only once. Please inquire if there are questions. Mid Atlantic location ready for delivery. Enjoy this wonderful spring.....gas prices are low and with this fun and able car years of driving fun can be had ! Cheers
  4. Car is still for sale, an unmolested, original. survivor. You can join for a mere $ 10,000. USD Mid Atlantic location. Available for viewing with prior arrangements. Please review all the images and material cover in this post. This is a perfect example of the most desirable TC's produced. Best engine /gearbox and equipment included. A one owner since new, it is only run occasionally to maintain systems. A survivor looking for a home for the next 25 years. Survivor cars are only original once. Take a look and decide !
  5. Car is still for sale, an unmolested, original. survivor. You can join for a mere $ 10,000. USD Mid Atlantic location. Available for viewing with prior arrangements.
  6. R. You will need to count all the plug wires again. Should be 4 or 6, my friend. Good luck, they were a good little car, launch at the worst possible time and looked too much like a Lebaron . The most desirable car is the 4cyl. 2.2 Turbo 16 valve engine with a 5 speed transmission. Should have both hard and soft tops. Good Luck
  7. Add this one to the list and is it published somewhere? http://forums.aaca.org/f144/1989-tc-16-v-5-speed-354157.html Car is as it appears in images July 2013
  8. For Sale listed in forum today...Asking 10, 000 USD Mid Atlantic location.
  9. Garage kept one owner 1989 16valve 5sp. Follow the link to see images of the car as it is today. http://forums.aaca.org/f144/1989-tc-16-v-5-speed-354157.html Serious Inquiries this is not a parts car, so don't embarrass yourself.
  10. Glad you took it in the spirit it was intended. Fun little cars but they have a fairly limited fan base.
  11. Ray I'm selling a similar car with 70,000 miles and is an original unmolested car. But those tires if original are unsafe and will fail under light use. I would suggest replacing them at earliest time or advise new owner to do that. Those Michelins are not designed to last more than 4 years.
  12. Images are in progress, I will post when available Thanks for your message. Robert
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