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  1. I need a good plate able robe rail for my 1929 Stiudebaker commander, The one on the car I'm restoring is broken in a couple of places. Now the good news. The widow that sold me this car said the last time it was running was 1966. Well, checking out the igniton and replacing a weak coil I got it running today. It sure sounded sweet and quiet. I am very happy. Dave
  2. Does any one know of, or have a resource on the interior patterns and quaility and material used in a 1929 Studebaker Commander ? Were windshield wipers an option on this car ? Thanks, Dave
  3. Does any one know were I get get photos Of an interior of 1929 Studebaker Commander ? What type of material was used ? thanks in advance Dave
  4. Thanks Mark for your comments and information, Dave
  5. Does any one know it original oil filters are available for my 1929 commander ? thanks Dave
  6. I need some parts for my restoration effort for my 1929 Commander. one rear door handle Three escuteheon plates,that are mounted under the door handle. The bar that is mounted between the head light buckets with the symbol "8" on it. I also would like the wiring diagram. Did Studebaker make a passenger side rear tail lamp for a commander series car ? I need at least four of the lug that hold the split ring together after the tire is mounted. This is my fiorst Studebaker and it is a fun learning experience. Thanks to all the reply, Dave
  7. thanks for your infomation, I enjoyed the brochure, Dave
  8. Thanks Mark. I did not consider that issue. Dave
  9. Hello all: I am starting to restore my 29 Commander. I took the tires off the rims and discovered three different tire sizess. What was the tire size for this car when it was delivered new? I have 19 inch steel spoke rims. Another item is that the side mount locks are missing. Does any one willing to part with two of them. Or perhaps send to a photo so I can seee what they look like. Thanks Dave
  10. Thanks to all who replied to my post. You have been very helpful Dave
  11. I need a cylinder lock for my 1929 Commander. dpkroegs@aol.com
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