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  1. I need two windshield wiper arms and blades for my 1929 Studebaker commander. Also would like to purchase the side mount tire arm and locks. these parts will enable me to finish the restoration Thanks for looking, Dave
  2. I need two wiper arms for my 1929 Commander. If they need replated that is fine. I also need one side mount carrier with lock Please reply to : dpkroegs@aol.com thanks Dave
  3. lI need a windshield regulator handle for my 1929 Commander. Or perhaps a complete broken one that I can get recast in bronze. Also need is correct windshield wiper arms and blades, and one windshield wiper motor. regards Dave email at dpkroegs@aol.com
  4. Hi Keith, sorry I do not have an extra grill shell
  5. Hi Keith. I am asking $4500.00 for the car. It is located in eastern Iowa. if interested and you would like photos. Please send your email. thanks and regards Dave
  6. Terry, thank you for your comments. regards, Dave
  7. Gary. a gratefull thank you for your reply. I consider it very usefull. I just got it running and will just give the head bolts another check after a few miles. regards, Dave
  8. I would like to know the correct torque for the head bolts on my 1929 Commander Model FD straight. thanks and regards, Dave
  9. My car is close to being done but still need a crankcover plate for the radiator shell and windshield opening handle. I need a sidemount lock as well. I hope some one can help. thanks Dave, dpkroegs@aol.com
  10. Robert I thank you for your reply. I have purchased a new reproduction box for the mechanism, I just need the handle. I have the handle. However, it is broken. It seems all of the pot metal on the car shatters once you work with it. If I can not find one I will have to get one cast at a foundry
  11. I need the crank that opens and closes the windshield on my 1929 Commander Thanks for replies Dave
  12. I have a 1936 Cadillac model 60 4 door for sale. It is in need of complete restoration. It is all there except tail light lenses. It has been stored in doors for many years, Steel is good but wood is bad. Motor is loose. I saved it for a reserve parts car but no longer need it. I will need to get some photos for those who may be interested. Dave
  13. I need the following for my 1929 commander restoration project the Studebaker emblem that is in the grill shell the crank cover at the bottom on the grile shell please reply to the post Thanks Dave
  14. I need a bracket or the housing for the windshield opening mechanism. Mine is busted' I also need a robe rail. Any help would be appreciated in helping me restore my car. Please reply to dpkroegs@aol.com Thanks
  15. Restoring my 1929 Commander FD. I requested a robe rail last fall and some one gave me an email address and I lost it. I need the end mounting brackets. The ones I had must have been made out of tempered glass they way they shattered while removing them. I also would like the crank cover piece. Still need windshield wiper arms and blades. Does any one have reference to the factory interior of this car? I am interested in the material and colors available for this car in 1929. Thanks Dave
  16. The steering wheel control levers for lights and distributer are broken. Does any one out there have some they could part with? Or perhaps lead in a direction to get some for my restoration project. Thanks, Dave
  17. Hello Robert. It will be a weekor two fefore I can send you a photo. The car is in the restoration shop 162 miles from my home. I will get a photo for you as soon as I can/ thanks and regards, Dave
  18. HELLO ROBERT I do need four escutrcheons for my 1929 commander..Let me know what you want for them please contact me at dpkroegs@aol.com thanks and regards, Dave
  19. Robert; yes indeed I need escustions plates for my 1929 Commander Please reply to : dpkroegs@aol.com
  20. Hi Geoff: I may have missed them. Do you still have them? regards, Dave dpkroegs@aol.com
  21. I need a door handle for the exterior passenger side for my '29 commander. This handle has the key cylinder in it. handle is not worth replating. I also need wiper arms and blades, and 4 interior escustion plates, Dave dpkroegs@aol.com
  22. Would any of you Studebaker owners have some parts for the windshield wiper assembly. I need every thing. email: dpkroeges@aol.com Regards. DAve
  23. I need the windshield wiper assembly, the parts that pentrtes the body, arms, wipers motor(s) for a 1929 Studebaker commander. Perhaps other models would be the same ? I hope to find some. Dave at dpkroegs@aol,com
  24. The robe rail has a partial missing mounting flange on the drivers side of the rail. One of the mounting post is broken. The rail appears to be cast from pot metal. If I cannot find a good one I will have to have one made. Thanks for your questions. regards, Dave
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