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  1. i have one new acum. cost 280. new .never used. 140. shiped. dave 1 231 775 3227
  2. finzel


    have compleat brake sys. with new accumulator .motor not working. paid 280.00 for accumulator. make a offer. dave 231 775 3227
  3. finzel

    reatta brake

    HI.witch proportioner valve can be used with non ABS bk? dave in cadillac MI.
  4. finzel

    buick brake pump

    rebilt ?
  5. finzel

    buick brake pump

  6. finzel

    buick brake pump

    going to non ABS. any suggestions ? have 2 week old accum. paid 280 . jag and gm part no. will sell BO dave 2137753227
  7. finzel

    buick reatta brak pump test ?

    pump wont run . put 12v on pump just a click
  8. finzel

    buick reatta brak pump test ?

    worked at first .next day lights on abs bk. no noise from pump?
  9. put on new acumlater relays .pump wont come on?
  10. finzel

    Stress fracture crack

    same thing on my 90 vert. dave in mich.
  11. finzel

    Anybody ever try......

    had this done. grate job. i am in western mich. finzel