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  1. Never had a hearse of any kind before. Was not really considering one, though I have always liked flower cars. Something Majestic about them. I had a search on eBay going for an Autronic eye for our Biarritz. The flower car has one and it showed up in my search. Anne and I fell instantly in love with her. We broke our piggy bank and drove to Virginia. My wife loves these old cars as much as me. Driven it? I put over 400 miles on "Lilly" last Friday bringing her home. I think it has replaced our 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville in Anne's affections. But each of these old cars has their own special charms! Here is Anne in "Black Diamond". Just after we got her off the car carrier.
  2. I have the parade boot pieces and leather. In the pictures it is just laying there. Have the interior out right now, the back floor pans were rusted. MIG welded in new ones. Installed sound deadening material and am getting new carpet, then will put everything back together. Also need a new top and hydraulics. Also have a good steering wheel from a '58 Fleetwood. No cracks. Will paint it and put iton when I re-install the interior. The Gold Sabre Wheels are not really correct for this car, but I like them and don't otherwise care.
  3. Thank you for your warm welcome regarding our Eureka Flower Car. My wife and I really love the 19556-1959 Cadillacs. Here is another of our cars.
  4. Trans was rebuilt. Engine had new seals was trued. front disk brakes. Suspension looks good, but stock. Has an 86 Commercial chassis, wheel base is 156 inches (13 feet) this is FOUR feet longer than my 2001 Cadillac Eldorado ETC.
  5. Thank you very much for the additional information. As I said about the seats, ALL the work on the car is magnificent and I am very excited about owning such an incredible car! It looks much like it did when it left Eureka in 1958, maybe better! I know the interior was the owner's choice. I will definitely change the steering wheel, but can not bring myself to touch the rest of it! The seats have inlaid rhombus patterns with the Cadillac wreath surrounding "Eureka" - see pictures. and each leaf on the wreath is an individual piece of leather as are the letters. It is a work of art! I am going over and cleaning some places that got wet while it was parked outside for six months. I have a large garage and can guarantee you that it will never be parked outside again! It is on my personal lift right now and I am cleaning a very few places that need it and resealing.
  6. The dash plaque shows 2005 Senior car. I enclose picture. Maybe it would help place where the car showed. Right about the Latin "Obsovare Obitus" "Honor the Dead" and "Shepherd" over that.
  7. Thank you so very much for the above info! Any other info or photos posted here? I have mixed emotions about the interior. It is certainly not correct for the vintage, but it is magnificently done! I have several other vintage cars with the correct interiors, seats, steering wheels, etc and find them eminently driveable. So I may be looking for a vintage interior. The present seats are the most comfortable I have ever sat in. The steering wheel, I don't like. Magnificent, like all the work he did on the car, but a 12" wheel when it should be 18"? Just doesn't look right to me. Mixed emotions. Will post some pictures later.
  8. My wife, Anne and I live in south Atlanta about five miles north of the Atlanta Airport. We love vintage Cadillacs of the 1950s. We live in a warehouse we converted into a home and have a large garage. We are new to collecting, but have a few vintage Cadillacs and just got a 1958 Cadillac Eureka Flower Car. This car has been shown at some AACA meets and we are looking for more information about it. Here are some pictures.
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