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  1. It may not be factory exact, but it clears the defroster hose and the ivory knob travel aligns with the on-off markings.
  2. Based on all the inputs from fellow Buick owners, I have my 1940 Buick Convertible fresh air vent working. On Saturday, I used a coat hanger to mock up a control linkage from the dash knob to the fresh air vent butterfly valve (on the firewall). It took several tries of modifying the coat hanger until I got the desired movement over the defroster/heater hoses under the dash. After I achieved the desired shape, I took an old door lock rod and repurposed it for my new control linkage. The installation turned out great and the vent control knob works like a charm. Included below are the pictures
  3. Tinindan, I thank you for your comment, but I'm trying to determine if the wiring is correct for the accessory switches. The electrical wiring diagram I have for the 1940 Buick, does not show or list those three switches on any drawing in the 1940 Buick Shop Manual. If I use Neil's wiring for the 1941 Buick, it might tell me the wiring for my 1940 Buick is wired correctly. My next job is to check the wiring per Neil's drawings. I will let you know what I find. Don
  4. As I have stated in my other 1940 Buick threads, I recently purchased a 1940 Buick 46C convertible and I'm trying to better understand and appreciate this new Buick. My latest question pertains to the heater shutoff valve, mounted below the thermostat housing, that connects to a heater hose that feeds the heater/defroster lines at the firewall and then the under front seat heater. As shown in the picture above, my '40 Buick does not have a shutoff valve installed and I believe this is why it gets so freakin hot in the front seat when I take the car for a long drive. I agree with Walt G's comme
  5. 2carb40, Thank you for the great pictures you provided. This will help me in making the brackets for my 40 Buick. Don (2Buicks+1more) 1969 Buick Riviera 1952 Buick Super 4dr 1940 Buick Special Convertible
  6. 2carr40, Do you have another picture of the linkage rod and how long it is? From the picture, it looks like there is some kind of tape raped around it below the U shaped clamp and the end, at the top of the picture, is in a bag. I believe from the picture the right angled piece of the rod, in the left hand corner of the picture, is what connects to the butterfly valve and the end inside the bag (can't determine what its shape is) connects to ivory knob under the dash. Is this correct? Neil, Thank you for your information of how the vent air duct attaches up front.
  7. Neil, Thank you for that information. That will help me in making possible changes to the wiring to correct the power drain to the battery. Don
  8. I recently purchased a 1940 Buick 46C convertible (see attached pictures). As part of some trouble shooting and to better understand and appreciate my new Buick, I'm trying to determine how the accessories should be electrically hooked up. The three accessories I want to know more about are the heater, defroster, instrument light switches under the driver's side of the dash (see picture below). I have checked the 1940 Buick Shop manual electrical diagram and it does not show these three switches on the drawing. What I am trying to determine is should the power to these three switches be on ful
  9. All, Another question I have is what does the vent duct connect to in the front, next to the radiator? I found pictures of vent ducts on eBay and was wondering if this is what the flex hose connects in the front of the engine compartment.. Don (2Buicks+1more) 1969 Buick Riviera 1952 Buick Super 4dr 1940 Buick Special Convertible
  10. Neil, Matt or other 1940 Buick owners, I recently purchased a 1940 Buick 46C convertible(see attached picture) and I'm trying to locate and replace missing parts. The part(s) I'm looking for now is the linkage from the control (under the dash) to the fresh air vent butterfly valve (on the firewall) shown in the 1st link. I have all the parts to control the valve except the linkage. Can Neil or Matt take pictures of what the linkage looks like under their dash and at the butterfly valve so I know how make a replacement linkage? I have searched for the linkage on the internet and hav
  11. Thank you Mike for the input and based on what you provided, the '37 Buick eBay part won't work on our 1940 Buick Convertible. With that resolved and the information you provided, my son (dual owner in the '40 Buick) built the following steel part that looks similar to your floor pan. See the three pictures below. I also want to thank Bloo for providing the part #. Don (2Buicks+1more) 1969 Buick Riviera 1952 Buick Super 4dr 1940 Buick Special Convertible
  12. Mike, Do you have any pictures of your floor pan, near the brake and clutch pedals? My '40 Buick Special is missing the piece (see 1st picture below). Found a 1937 Buick floor panel on eBay that looks to match the cutout in my Buick's floor. Need to know if they are the same part number. Checking out "Cars" catalog shows the floor pans are the same part# for 1937-1940 Buick Specials. I have already reviewed "Daves1940Buick56s" thread on instruments and found several floor pan pictures from his 22 Jun 2014 thread to be helpful. Your or any other Buick owner's help is appreciated.
  13. Mike, What is that white tube, in the engine compartment, slopping downward from the firewall to the carburetor? Since my 1940 Buick does not have that, I was trying to determine what it was and its purpose. Don (2Buicks+1more)
  14. Mike, Thank you for the information. I need to do some research and checking to see if my carb has that linkage on it or the carb has been changed out. Don (2Buicks+1more) 1969 Buick Riviera 1952 Buick Super 4dr 1940 Buick Special Convertible
  15. Mike, Thank you for the information. I need to do some research and checking to see if my carb has that linkage on it or the carb has been changed out. Don (2Buicks+1more) 1969 Buick Riviera 1952 Buick Super 4dr 1940 Buick Special Convertible
  16. Mike, Great looking car. I was looking at buying a 1940 coupe before I found this 1940 Buick 46S convertible. My question to you is I'm trying to figure out some of the dash knobs and electrical switches. I have included pictures of my dash and engine compartment to show you what might be same/different in your Buick. The question I have is the throttle knob next to the steering column is not connected to anything when you pull it out. Do you know what your 1940 Buick SC throttle is connected to? I would appreciate any information/pictures on the throttle knob and what
  17. Does anyone have pictures of where you placed the hole on the torque tube to add a screw tap, so that you can drain or monitor for transmission fluid leaking past the torque ball? I have a 1952 Buick Super that is all original except for a prior respray. I have been going through the vehicle and correcting all mechanical and electrical issues. Since my dynaflow transmission does leak a little (after driving) on the garage floor, I would be like to check for leaks past the torque ball.
  18. Eric, I purchased my seatbelts last July and finally installed them in my '52 Buick Super. After researching several sites, I finally did it my way. I just posted all the pictures and instructions used to install six pair of seatbelts. The front two seatbelts are retractable. http://forums.aaca.org/f163/1952-buick-super-344289-3.html 2Buicks
  19. Continuation of the seatbelt installation into my '52 Buick Super. The second part of the rear seatbelt installation involved locating the center seatbelts. The distance between the outer two holes drilled earlier was 69”. I placed two marks at 23” inboard on the backseat structural frame, either side of the armrest. Using two L brackets bolted together, I marked the location of holes to be drilled. After the first hole was drilled, I placed a bolt through the bracket to maintain alignment before drilling the second hole. As you can see from the pictures, I was able to drill slightly into the
  20. In February, I finally tackled the installation of seatbelts in my ’52 Buick. I had searched the internet for several installations and found nothing that worked for my ’52 Buick. I am posting the steps I went through that provided a good structural installation and great look for after market seatbelts. Since I wanted the GM logo on the buckle, I purchased seatbelts from Wesco Performance. This included two 8” long housing retrackable lap seatbelts with 20” floppy ends and four 60” lap seatbelts. I also purchased the “optional hardware for $4.95 each” for installing the belts. Installation o
  21. Update - April 2015. In late November and early December, my son and I went through a five step hand rub process to buff the paint out to give the 52 Buick a shinny wet look. We first used 3M (0594) Super Duty Compound (liquid sandpaper) to cut the oxidation, applying the compound on a microfiber towel and hand rubbing a small area. After wiping the surface clean, we then followed up with Meguiar’s Swirl X and Meguiar’s Scratch X 2.0 to remove any swirl marks left on the surface from using the 3M compound. The 3rd and 4th steps were to go over the car’s surface again with Meguiar’s 105 Ultra C
  22. Jon, I bought seat belts to install in my 52 Buick Super (2Buicks). I have retactable belts for driver and passenger seats and regular belts for the middle front seat and three seat belts for the rear seat. The one main point I am working out is to make sure I use a small flat plate under the floor pan to bolt the seat belt brackets. I don't want to use the after market standard large washer to bolt the belts. I have looked at several installations on the internet to see how I could adapt for my installation. The one I like is http://www.hotrodhotline.com/md/lapbelt/, but I do not want the e
  23. The work that has been performed on the 52 Buick since the last post involves working on the inoperative fuel gauge/tank sending unit. The fuel gauge has read a little over a half tank since I acquired the car over a year ago. After checking out the wiring, I found the fuel gauge was good but the sending unit was bad. Now the challenge was to drop the fuel tank (without draining the tank) to get to the sending unit. That turned out to be an easy task since my son has a car host in his work shop, see thread 53 above. With the car on the host, I used his steel welding table to place under the ca
  24. Dale, You may have put ice cubes in yours, but this has a water tank that holds about a gallon of water. There is also straw inside that gets wet and as the car moves the air enters and blows through the wet straw to cool down. There is a cord you pull inside the car the rotates the straw bed inside cooler to keep it wet. You can find more info at Car cooler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 2Buicks
  25. Here are some pictures from the local July 4th car show I participated that included about 25 local cars. It was great to just show off my 60+ year car (she has aged well). There was also a 1953 Buick 2dr Super in the lineup plus a beautiful 1937 Oldsmobile L37 Convertible Coupe. My 52 Super. I parked between a Model A Ford and an Austin Martin. The evaporative cooler on my Buick is a Montgomery Ward unit. I know this is not a Buick, but this is a very fine GM product, a 1937 Oldsmobile L37 Convertible Coupe. The 1953 Buick Super 2dr.
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