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  1. 40 minutes ago, raydurr said:

    Is the differential overfilled?  If so , excess should go out the spout on the backing plate , unless some of the bearing shields or other sheet metal parts are damaged or missing. Make sure spout is clear and not blocked. If replacing the seal, silicone could be applied between the brake drum and the shield attached by the 6 bolts. This may slow the leakage some.

    Thanks, I have not checked the spout so that's my next job. Many thanks for your help. The axle nut was tight locked by the lock washer. 

  2. There is a vast amount of free play between the shaft and bearing race in your photo number 3, I only have about 10 thou but that is where the oil is coming from and getting into the bearing and mixing with the grease. It slowly leaks out through the hub cap and splatters over the tire. Thanks for the photos which are exactly the area in question. 

  3. 36 minutes ago, raydurr said:

    Ok, it is normal for the shaft to have a quite a bit of free play. The roller bearings inside the hub is what keeps the axle shaft centered wheel the hub is installed.The roller bearing runs on the axle housing .

    That's good to hear but I do have an issue of oil seeping through which is why I thought it might be a seal. 

  4. After removing my real wheel on my 29-25 I noticed that the axle shaft had a lot of free play in all directions. can anyone tell me if the bronze coloured insert is a seal or a bronze bush? Also how is the bearing race removed? there appears to be either a rivet or bolt in the centre attaching it to the axle casing.

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