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  1. As stated above, Wednesday was a nice day with many vendors open and doing business. Thursday and Friday, not so much. (Especially Friday)

    I expected a muddy mess on the show field today, but after the judges breakfast I walked over to the Show field to an unexpected surprise. It was business as

    usual with the exception of many no shows. The weatherman scared some participants off, but the ones that did show up and the spectators had an amazing day. By noon it was shirtsleeves and sunglasses. As usual all of the volunteers and judges did a great job. In summary, today turned out to be a far better day than most of us had expected.

    Dave Gray

    Carlisle, Pa.

  2. In PA:

    - no reg req on the towed vehicle, and no insurance as it is not being operated

    - working stop lights are req, so you need a light bar att to your truck that sits on the back edge of the towed veh and is easily visible

    In addition, you will need safety chains at the hitch, just as if you were towing a trailer.


  3. Hopefully some of our members can help me identify this old 4 Cylinder

    engine. It is a overhead valve engine with very little identification on it.

    I did find a logo cast into the block and head. The logo is a large S with an F

    inside the top loop and CO. in the bottom loop. Any help identifying this would

    be appreciated.


    Dave Gray

    Carlisle, Pa.





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