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  1. On 7/10/2020 at 10:56 PM, Dandy Dave said:

    Came across this picture while digging though some of my better other half's old family albums and boxes of photos. A fleet of Chevys. Late 1940's and into the 1950's. She said her Grandad on her mothers side of the family owned the Finton fleet. They were located in the Salamanca, NY area. 



    I had to smile when I looked at the tractor trailer on the left. It has been a long time since I saw sanders on the rear axle

    of a truck.


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  2. You don't ever want to work on the engine of that truck. one head under the hood, one head under the firewall and

    one head inside the cab. All that and the engine sits at a 14 degree tilt, making it even more fun if you have to

    remove or install the engine. Not the most user friendly truck ever built.


    Assuming it is an in line 855 CI cummins. if not, it may even be harder.

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  3. 7 hours ago, capngrog said:

    Clutch repair/change in a '63 'Vette is not overly complicated as I recall.  Drop the drive shaft (easy-breezy), disconnect the shift linkage and clutch linkage, brace the engine (the rear motor mounts are on the transmission)' unbolt the transmission from the bell housing, unbolt the bell housing and voila, there you are.  Unbolt the pressure plate assembly from the flywheel and if the flywheel face is O.K., install a new clutch disc and pressure plate.  If the flywheel face is scored or glazed, remove the flywheel and have it re-surfaced or acquire a new one.


    That is the process as I remember it, but it has been a long time ago since I wrenched on my '64 'Vette.  I raced it (time trials mostly) which afforded me ample opportunity for correcting "problems" (usually caused by me).


    It isn't that big of a deal.




    This is about right.  Not a very tough job. If the car is still equipped with an underneath exhaust system, this can be as time consuming to remove than the actual clutch job.  Small block and big blocks are no different in difficulty.

    I have done many of these jobs on midyears and it is not that complicated,


  4. 13 hours ago, John348 said:


    Hello Dave,

    Same for me, first time but I will be back for sure! Unfortunately we were not able to make it to the Saturday show. Did you bring a vehicle?

    I am running out of photos that I took so if have some please post them. The last one I posted of the Buick I posted was a 'teaser' 


    I came with several others from the AACA museum in Hershey.  We brought the 1928 Sprint car and the Datsun 280Z

    from our collection. Sorry, I did not get any photos.  I was too busy looking at the beautiful cars and visiting with other

    participants and spectators.

    Great show.

  5. For Sale:

    Fiberglass body for Cobra reproduction car.  This is a new body that has never been installed

    on a chassis.  It has been in storage for many years.  The body includes doors, hood and trunk.

    The manufacturer is Shell Valley from Nebraska.

    The price is $ 2900. and the body is located between Hershey and Carlisle, Pa.

    Please call me at 717-422-8324 for any additional information.

    Thank you, Dave




  6. If you are looking for a very clean collector car that you can take to shows or

    drive for your enjoyment, this beautiful Thunderbird may be for you.

    Frost Turquoise, White interior and top, 390 engine and Cruise-O-matic transmission.

    83,500 Miles

    Call cell 717-422-8324 Mechanicsburg, Pa. for additional information.

    $ 25,500.