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  1. For Sale:

    Fiberglass body for Cobra reproduction car.  This is a new body that has never been installed

    on a chassis.  It has been in storage for many years.  The body includes doors, hood and trunk.

    The manufacturer is Shell Valley from Nebraska.

    The price is $ 2900. and the body is located between Hershey and Carlisle, Pa.

    Please call me at 717-422-8324 for any additional information.

    Thank you, Dave




  2. 35 minutes ago, cxgvd said:

    How about this.  Kick out the lawyers and accountants, bring in a talented mediator with some Guiness and a bit of Glenfiddich.  Resupply with sandwiches until an agreement is made.  The AACA club and AACA museum belong together.   Gary

    This is the best idea that I have heard so far.

    There is no reason that the two sides can not get together for the good of

    ALL of our members.

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  3. 22 minutes ago, R W Burgess said:

    Ok everyone, I needed to take John Saylor's post down until these documents linked to our Web Site can be verified by the AACA Committee concerned with this merger.


    Steve Moskowitz is out today and should be able to add more later.


    Thanks for your patience with this issue!



    Why not just call the Museum and verify the accuracy of their comments.


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