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  1. I think Dick has a Long clutch not the Brown-Lipe clutch. He is looking for information on how to set the height of the release levers.
  2. Hi , I would be interested in the oaks locks and spare tire hold downs. bob Harrison
  3. Hi, I think I have one of these. I think it was made by a club member. i will look for it tomorrow. bob
  4. A friend told me he has access to some Brass Air Pumpsthat were used on the Franklin Automobile. is anyone familiar to these pumps or know which series they were used on? i have not seen the pumps yet so all I have is the comment above.
  5. Here is my collection of Franklin Lions I started collecting back in 1957 when I bought my first Franklin a S11B Sport Touring Car. It was missing the lion so I started a search for one and just kept buying them because they are just great. I did not realize how many I had until my wife suggested I display them all in one place rather than spread them all over the house. I did not realize I had so many so I will be bringing some to Hershey this year to sell. See them in our space in the chocolate field. Bob Harrison space CH60
  6. I will be bringing several original Franklin Lions to Hershey this year. I will be with Tom Kidd in the Chocolate Field space CK60. Bob Harrison
  7. I bought my first franklin in 1957, a S11B sport touring. It was missing the lion so began the search for a lion. Every time I came across a lion I would buy it. Well I guess I kept forgetting I had a lion so would buy another one. Now 60 years later I find I have a lot of Franklin Lions; over 15! so I think it has come time to sell some of them. I am bringing some to Hershey this year and will be with Tom Kidd. The Chocolate field space CK60. Bob Harrison
  8. Will the person who was looking for a Series 11 open Franklin contact John Yurconc ! John has a Series 11 Touring car in decent condition you may be interested in. You can reach John at 610-657-6310 :
  9. franklin28

    wanted 26

    Hi, I just received a call from John Yurconic who told me he has a S11 touring car he could sell you. John was having trouble signing into this site and asked me to respond to your request. You can contact John directly if his Franklin is of interest to you at 610-657-6310 Bob H
  10. I could use two sets. Bob H
  11. This car has been sold. The new Owner will be Joining the HH FRanklin Club.
  12. See update in For sale. I have the 10B running great and will be taking it to Hershey next week to sell. Engine is now refreshed with new valves rings, etc. Car has been sold and will be heading off to Austrilia to a new club member Bob Harrison 401-269-9122
  13. Update 9 /27/17 I ended up taking the engine apart as I found mice evidence in the exhaust manifold. I cut new valve seats, ground valves which are new SS valves. Guides are tight. Honed cylinders and installed new rings and cleaned up all upper end parts, push rods, tubes rocker arms and boxes, etc.. Dropped the pan which looked quite clean, no sludge. Removed one rod cap and inspected both rod bearing and crank and both look great. Could not see any wear. Ran keroseen then oil through the oil pump with an electric drill to check pump and fludh out pump and passages then ran oil through
  14. The spare carburetor shown is the correct one for the car as shown on page 801 in the series 10 parts book. The note says it is not suitable for series 9 or 10A Franklins. I think it is a Wilkenson Carburetor. Bob Harrison
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